Clutch’s Secret Stash

Hey kids, do you want a taste of the best LEGO Lifestyle Mystery Box you’ve never before heard of?

Clutch’s Secret Stash is a monthly worldwide shipment of exclusive LEGO and LEGO-related content. Don’t worry, Clutch hates knock offs just as much as you do so there will be none of that here.

If you love the Bricks on the Dollar brand, you’ll love Clutch’s Secret Stash. One of the fundamentals of this mystery box will be exclusivity. Only a certain amount of boxes will be made every month. When registration meets that quantity, new sign ups will be for the following month. Sign up now to make sure you receive all of the Top Secret contents at the best price.

Stop playing with my emotions, where do I sign up?


The first box is SOLD OUT! High fives to all who signed up. But don’t fret, you can always sign up for Clutch’s Secret Stash. Registration is now open for month two (August 2017) and we will be accepting 26 new members. Still on the fence? The first box ships July 1st so be on the lookout for some reviews from your peers who are receiving ‘da Stash. When they sell out, registration will be flipped to the September box. This is a monthly recurring payment and you will be billed the same price monthly on the day that you register.