#SwoopLife Stickers now available!

Interested in obtaining your very own Swoop Life sticker?

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The Bricks on the Dollar Active Builder Program

Are you a voracious LEGO builder who finds themselves constantly in need of more bricks? Has your imagination run so far away with you that there just aren’t enough pieces in your collection to realize all of your dreams? Do you just love to tinker with new LEGO elements so much that you wish there were a way to experience them all? The BotD Active Builder Program makes it easy to acquire more LEGO each month so that the creative well never runs dry.

We have three different tiers of membership to find the perfect fit for your building style:

  • $30 USD per month is our Town Jr Plan. This will get you $31.50 USD in store credit to Bricks on the Dollar on BrickLink. A 5% bonus for signing up.
  • $40 USD per month is our City Builder Plan. This will get you $43.00 USD in store credit to Bricks on the Dollar on BrickLink. A 7.5% bonus for signing up.
  • $50 USD per month is our ABS Junkie Plan. This will get you $55.00 USD in store credit to Bricks on the Dollar on BrickLink. A 10% bonus for signing up.

Signing up with one of these links will enter you into a monthly billing cycle for $30, $40, or $50 USD per month. Each time a payment is successfully made, you will receive a coupon credit on BrickLink for your payment amount plus the sign up bonus. Spend as much of it as you like. The coupon amount will roll over if unused and Bricks on the Dollar offers free domestic shipping on orders over $40 USD. You will need to submit your BrickLink username to begin receiving coupons monthly.

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I started a new little something. Check it out!

I added a tab at the top of the page called Epic Meal Time Reviews. It is no secret that I am a big fan of Epic Meal Time and that I am very fascinated by their business. I always felt that I should provide some sort of content reviewing their work, a commentary on their product. It has been over 5 years since they started, but feel free to read my short posts on each episode as I power through their video catalog. epicmealtimereviews.wordpress.com


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First attempt at a Build Magazine column

September 24, 2015 Leave a comment

I wrote this for my new column in Build Magazine of the Brick Builders Club. The problem is, the text is way too long and it is unfortunately preachy. So now it will only ever appear here. Let me know what you think and if you get the concept I am going for. -Clutch

Welcome to the first session of ConSpyrius Theory with Clutch! The good people at #BrickSwag saw fit to let me fill a page of the great Build Magazine with whatever it is I want to talk about each month.

You may not know, but when I am not folding the #BrickSwag boxes that you receive in the mail every month, (you see that box right there? Yup, I folded it.) I sell LEGO pieces on BrickLink.com. BrickLink is a marketplace where, with your parents’ assistance, you can purchase any LEGO parts or Minifigures that you could ever want. Have you ever wondered how we build such awesome creations for our Brick Fest Live events? Like an endless Pick-A-Brick Wall! BrickLink is an extremely helpful tool in acquiring all of the parts that you need for any build. This month, I want to tell you about a LEGO set’s “Part-out Value;” what it means, and why it should be important to you.

A LEGO set that you may purchase from a store or online contains a certain number of LEGO elements. At the back of your LEGO set’s instruction book, there is a list of all the pieces that are in that set. Not only are all of these pieces individually available from places like BrickLink, but they all have established monetary values which are created when buyers and sellers agree on fair exchanges of LEGO all across the world. A Part-out Value is the sum of all the values from all of the parts in a LEGO set. You might find it surprising that for the majority of LEGO sets, the Part-out Value is about two times the price which that set sells for in a store.

How can this be? Because unlike buying a particular LEGO set which contains the same pieces no matter how many copies you shake in the store, the same price on BrickLink can get you any pieces you want from any LEGO set. Just as different LEGO sets contain different pieces, the combined values of all the pieces in different LEGO sets will vary. Believe it or not, some LEGO sets have a Part-out Value LOWER than the price of the set on the shelf. That is something you should definitely take into consideration when purchasing a new LEGO set.

The Part-out Value of a LEGO set is not just a handy guide for sellers to know how much a LEGO set is worth when split up. It should be used as a value guide for anyone who purchases any LEGO set. If you have to choose between two different $10 LEGO sets where one of them has a $12 Part-out Value and the other one has a $22 Part-out Value, which one would you choose? Part-out Value is a gauge of how much worth the LEGO fan community has placed in the parts that make up a certain LEGO set. If the builders of the world have placed a high value or a low value on the parts that make up a LEGO set, you should want to know the facts before expanding your LEGO collection.

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Blank Monthly BrickLink Template

I have been meaning to do this for a while. The following Google Doc is a blank template for keeping track of your BrickLink sales. All of the formulas are live and you can feel free to use it for your own sales. It is intended for monthly use so the file does not get too long, but you can use it any way you choose. Start keeping track of your sales before it is too late!



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Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Wednesday November 19th, 2014

November 26, 2014 2 comments

I think I wrote about 21018 United Nations Headquarters recently, but it is on sale again. The set is a good mix of pieces, and when on sale, it is a good deal.

Target has it for $40.99 or $38.94 each with RedCard discount, limit 8.
Walmart has it for $40.48, limit 5.
And Amazon has it for $40.48, limit 2.

The Part out value is $99.92 or 2.52x when averaged at $39.66 each.

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Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday November 16th, 2014

So out of left field, TRU is offering the 30271 Mikey’s Mini-Shellraiser polybag with any $30 purchase this week. What happened to Rocket Raccoon? Well it has been speculated that the Rocket Raccoon polybag might be a Black Friday freebie with purchase. Either way, if you can buy a bunch of either this bag or the Rocket bag and receive this bag for free each time you hit $30, then why not!?

Also, Shopko has some of the new Minecraft sets and Shopko is tax-free, free shipping. All you need is a valid coupon code. I haven’t found any that are active right now, but they often have coupon codes.

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