Profiles From Space: a New Art Series from AFOL Posters & Ben Turner

A new collaborative series from AFOL Posters & artist Ben Turner!

Profiles From Space

Profiles From Space series 8″ x 8″ flat-shipped prints: $30 each shipped worldwide
Visor-down Combo (#1-#7) $199.50 shipped worldwide
Visor-up Combo (#1-#7) $199.50 shipped worldwide
Full set (#1-#7 a&b) $378 shipped worldwide
Catch-up Combo #6&#7 Visor-down $57 shipped worldwide
Catch-up Combo #6&#7 Visor-up $57 shipped worldwide

[CARTER INDUSTRIES] Spinner instructions now available for FREE!

Our favorite Denmark-bound builder, Carter Baldwin, has released his Custom Kit #4 instruction to the masses. The Spinner, a MOC inspired by Blade Runner 2049, is completely sold out, and with Carter soon joining the LEGO Designer Team in Billund, we present you with the instructions for your building pleasure. I’d love to see an all black color-shift of this one. The Trans-Black curved slopes and Dark Bluish Gray hinge tops are a bit of a pain to track down, but good luck! Carter and I want to see your variations on his instant classic.


The instruction page is live here on the site.

Limited supply of The Butcher & the Xeno are still available!

The [CARTER INDUSTRIES] Blade Runner 2049 Spinner has sold out. Ya done messed up, A-a-ron!

spinner_final_photomodel #2

Kit #3 from [CARTER INDUSTRIES], the Spinner from Blade Runner 2049 is a fully articulated wonder. Opening gull-wing doors, a retractable rear wheel for landing and ground maneuvers, a detachable sunroof drone, and fully detailed interior with seating for two.

363 pieces, $100 USD. All 40 kits have been sold. Thank you to everyone who purchased!

What is the Warminster Brick Shop?

The stars have aligned and I now find myself running a brick & mortar (no pun intended. some pun intended?) LEGO retail store. In the front of the warehouse that I sublet, there is an 800sqft street-facing lobby. I’ve turned it into a consignment-based new and used LEGO resell store. LEGO in just about every form is present and available for purchase.
There are 5 large windows on the front of the store. Each has been painted with the original LEGO colors depicted on the set boxes and advertisements of the 1970s. They are vibrant in the sunlight and illuminated from within after dark.

Consignors have their own shelves around the store which they fill with LEGO Minifigures, new sets, used sets, chunks, bulk, and more. You can build your own Minifigure, fill a bag with all of the pieces you need, or buy some extra spaceships for your fleet. We also have a selection of brand new as well as retired sealed LEGO sets.

My favorite parts are probably our Art Walls. Several walls in the store are dedicated to LEGO artwork. Both the artwork of the LEGO Poster Subscription Service as well as some of my favorite artwork that LEGO has issued officially.

Stop by the Warminster Brick Shop at 1099 Mearns Road in Warminster Pennsylvania and give us a like on Facebook to see new products as they hit the shelves. Our goal is to have new items available in-store every time you visit us.

August Giveaway!

Every month, Bricks on the Dollar has given away a sealed vintage set. It’s been going for a while. I don’t even remember when I started this but it must be approaching a full year by now.

Anyway, this time it isn’t a set. It’s a couple of posters. No, not my posters.

Tom Whalen is a graphic designer who has produced many fantastic commissions, including a few for The LEGO Group directly. Two of his newest pieces were given away at San Diego Comic Con 2017. I snagged a bunch (semi-accidentally) on eBay and I am giving away one of each this month. They are 18″x24″ and are printed on a very thick stock, similar to a school project poster board. Can you tell I am not in the paper industry?

They are not signed or anything like that, but I happen to think they are very cool. I have spoken to Tom before about my AFOL Subscription Poster Service and while he cannot get involved himself because of his official License to TLG, he is supportive of the project. I sent him an email to let him know I am collecting his newest work and giving them away to my subscribers.

Hopefully you like what you see. I’ll know by how many signups there are, but let me know if you think giving away other items like this is worthwhile or if I should stick to the vintage sets. Or maybe a different option.