Bricks on the Dollar has been selling LEGO on BrickLink.com since 2009. We have shipped to all 50 states plus some territories as well as 55 countries around the world.

An order from Bricks on the Dollar is more than just the LEGO elements you paid for, it is a community experience! Use social media to show the world what you received with #BotDUnbox

Every order arrives with the B.o.t.D. SwagBag which contains promotional items from Bricks on the Dollar as well as our sponsors. Sponsorship varies and not all promotional items are guaranteed in each order. Sponsors past, present, and future include Brick Warriors, x39 Brick Customs, Brickster Tees, and Blinky Lights.

B.o.t.D. is the official BrickLink store of both PennLUG (The Pennsylvania LEGO Users Group) and Learn With Bricks LLC (creator of Philly Brick Fest, Brick Fest Live, and The Brick Builders Club).

Links to the store and all social media sites are at the top of this site and the Daily Investment blog can be found on the home page. Paid subscribers of the blog receive the posts directly to their email account as soon as they are written. Posts appearing on this website are delayed by 7 days. If you don’t want to miss the best LEGO deals for running your own parts store, consider subscribing to the blog.

Bricks on the Dollar is owned and operated by Chris Byrne with help from several part time employees. When Bricks on the Dollar is closed, that means I am out of town, probably at Brick Fest Live! Keep up to date with Brick Fest Live here:

Thanks for visiting the site and feel free to leave a message!



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    1. I have all of the contents except the custom unikitty. I had 25 made and cut registration off at 25. MinifigFX is willing to print additional figures if you contact them directly.

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