The Werewolf

Werewolf Final
Carter’s Design Notes:

Thanks for buying the Werewolf Hardsuit!

This build was designed as an aggressive assault mech for my fictional NATO empire, and a counterpart to the evil Butcher hardsuit.

In order to create a realistic level of detail at a small scale, I used some techniques in this build that the Lego company shies away from.

In order to hold together two 1×1 tiles with a single clip, I recommend first placing the two 1×1 tiles next to each other on a flat surface, then pressing down with the 1×1 clip in between them. Once clipped in, this creates a surprising strong connection, and can be rotated slightly to create the angled armor on the shoulder.

When placing the minifig backpack on the pneumatic T-pin, don’t push the technic half-pin down all the way; instead, allow for a small amount of wiggle room for the backpack. This will make it much easier to attach this assembly to the body of the hardsuit.

I hope you have as much fun building, posing and displaying this model as I have!


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[CI]01 Butcher Hardsuit

[CI]03 Spinner SOLD OUT!

[CI]04 Xeno