Spinner Instructions

Carter’s Design Notes:

I aimed to make this as playable a kit as possible; all play features from the movie are present in this model – gull wing doors, lowering rear wheel, and launchable drone. In addition, the cockpit opens up to add pilot and passenger minifigs.

In order to achieve a high degree of accuracy to the source material, I used advanced building techniques that the LEGO company ordinarily shies away from. While the end result is a solid model, some of these techniques may be a bit fiddly during building. In particular, attaching the clip panels to the 1×3 tiles for the drone may be a bit frustrating; I recommend placing the panels face down on a flat surface and pressing the 1×3 tile into the clip from above. Make sure the panels are as centered as possible in order to ensure a smooth roof on the back of the Spinner when the drone is docked.

To lower the rear wheel, fold out the white license plate and the two struts on either side, then fold out the wheel to 90 degrees from the body of the vehicle. Fold the struts back in until they bump the studs inside, then fold the wheel back; the struts will hold the wheel at the right angle for driving mode and will prevent the wheel from folding in. In order to fold the wheel back in, open up the struts, push the 1×4 tiles that hold the wheel inward and allow the wheel to rotate.

If you’re having trouble popping the drone out, you can fold the wheel out and press the drone out by poking it from below through the wheel cavity.

If you’re having trouble getting the gull wing doors to close flush, first rotate it so that the rear of the door is against the frame, then move the front of the door inward. It’s a tight fit; it may need some slight finesse to get past the corners at the front, but once that’s done it can be wiggled to create a smooth seal.

Finally, here’s a link to the BrickLink Studio file for the Spinner including a parts inventory and BrickLink Wanted List functionality.


Thanks, and happy building!




[CI]01 Butcher Hardsuit

[CI]02 The Werewolf SOLD OUT!
Werewolf Final

[CI]04 Xeno