The WayBackBox is now shipping!

Introducing the WayBackBox!

From the dream of few comes the delight of many. The WayBackBox is a Retro Nostalgia Novelty Box which you can order any time you’d like. Every box will contain irrelevant, forgotten, and defunct pieces of history from the 80s and 90s sure to bring a smile, a laugh, and a face-palm to your day.

Order your WayBackBox right now! Each box is $16 shipped and will come completely stuffed with contents. Our shipping is on demand and will start mid-December 2016. This is not a subscription service. Every box will contain a unique mixture of goods from the past. Order for yourself or order for a friend.

One thing is for sure, the WayBackBox is REAL!


Our new LEGO Poster is launching soon. Will you receive one?

AFOL Poster Service

Welcome to the future of LEGO Art!

Are you an Adult Fan of LEGO who has trouble showing off your LOVE of the LEGO Culture in a professional setting? Do you want to impress your friends and co-workers while paying homage to the almighty ABS brick?

Sign up now for our AFOL Poster Service and receive a brand new 11″ x 17″ LEGO-themed print from one of our vetted artists every month. These posters are tube-shipped to your door and come with information on the design and the artist themselves.

Sign up for only $10/month shipped and you won’t miss a single poster!
The first Poster will be shipping on January 1st to all subscribers.

Hey man! I don’t have enough wall space for 12 posters per year! While that may be ludicrously awesome, I’d like to pick and choose which posters I receive.

No problem at all. Individual posters (while supplies last) are still available for only $13 each shipped. Just click on the print that you want below and you will be directed to PayPal to place your order.

January 2017 tube-shipped Poster

Poster will be available individually January 15th

January 2017 digital-only Poster

Poster will be available digitally January 15th

Conspyrius Theory with Clutch

Did you know that I run The Brick Builders Club? In addition to making sure all of our customers receive a cool box of #BrickSwag each month, I also write the Conspyrius Theory Article in the magazine each month. This is where I dive deep into LEGO history and talk about little known topics. Of course I always put my own spin on it.

Check out a complete history of my articles HERE or click the Conpyrius Theory link on the menu bar.


Blank Monthly Template 2.0

It has been over a year since I uploaded my blank monthly template for BrickLink sales accounting. Here is my updated version. I would recommend switching over to this new one. It has a few more bells and whistles. I use one of these for every month and I also have an annual sheet that displays the totals from each of the monthly templates in a given year. Take care of your books.