Clutch’s Secret Stash July 2017

Check out the contents from the first box of Clutch’s Secret Stash!

Custom Printed Cartoon Network Unikitty from MinifigFX
Pizza Sticker
Classic Cola Bottle Cap
Grayscale Color Swatch
Chrome Silver Modified Tile with Ball
Green Grocer Magnet

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Clutch’s Secret Stash is unleashed!

The Stash flew out the door on Friday and is now in the hands of some very lucky recipients.

Take a look at the TESTIMONIALS PAGE for some glowing reviews of the first ever shipment of Clutch’s Secret Stash.

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Custom Printed Cartoon Network Unikitty from MinifigFX
Appeared in the July 2017 shipment of Clutch’s Secret Stash

The second Quarterly Bonus Poster is now available exclusively from Bricks on the Dollar and the AFOL Poster Subscription Service!

Simply titled, ‘Metroliner,’ this new travel poster features the 1991 LEGO set 4558 Metroliner with all of its in-universe station stops for the Summer 2017 train schedule.

It is printed on 11″x17″ paper and is available to be tube-shipped to your home for only $13 worldwide.

metroliner small

The June poster has also been released and will be available individually on June 15th.

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Clutch’s Secret Stash, the newest LEGO Mystery Box to hit the market.

Hey kids, do you want a taste of the best LEGO Lifestyle Mystery Box you’ve never before heard of?

Clutch’s Secret Stash is a monthly worldwide shipment of exclusive LEGO and LEGO-related content. Don’t worry, Clutch hates knock offs just as much as you do so there will be none of that here.

If you love the Bricks on the Dollar brand, you’ll love Clutch’s Secret Stash. One of the fundamentals of this mystery box will be exclusivity. Only a certain amount of boxes will be made every month. When registration meets that quantity, new sign ups will be for the following month. Sign up now to make sure you receive all of the Top Secret contents at the best price.

Stop playing with my emotions, where do I sign up?


The first box will be limited to 25 copies and will ship worldwide on July 1st. When they sell out, registration will be flipped to the August box. This is a monthly recurring payment and you will be billed the same price monthly on the day that you register.

AFOL Poster Subscriptions now with LEGO Minifigures!

Subscribers now receive an
official LEGO Minifigure
with each Poster shipment!

Sign up now for our AFOL Poster Service and receive a brand new 11″ x 17″ LEGO-themed print from one of our vetted artists every month. You will also receive an official LEGO Minifigure from the set or theme depicted in the artwork. These posters are tube-shipped to your door and come with information on the design and the artist themselves. Remember, the LEGO Minifigure is only available to Subscribers.

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The August Poster shipped on July 30th to all subscribers.
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Individual posters are still available for only $13 each shipped. Just click on the print that you want below and you will be directed to PayPal to place your order. Individual Posters include information about the design but do not include the official LEGO Minifigure.

February LEGO Giveaway Announcement

Our January winner was chosen today. We are now proud to launch the next monthly LEGO Giveaway!


Set 6546 Slick Racer 4 is a standout example of mid-90s 4-wide cars. It is also one of the first five sets to include the then new slick racing tires. Marvel at the outstanding Kmart price stickers that adorn this treasure. Use the link below to sign up for our January LEGO Giveaway. A winner will be chosen on March 1st.

And remember, I use the same link every month so be sure to sign up each month for a new prize.