Clutch’s Secret Stash August 2017 (Box 2)

Life on Mars, a theme from 2001, brought us a very special printed tile. The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci re-imagined in LEGO form as the Vitruvian Minifigure. We have seen more and more prints like this that break out of the in-world aesthetic of classic LEGO sets to make more connections with those who build LEGO sets. The fact that you purchased this LEGO Lifestyle mystery box at all is a testament to how revolutionary this original printed tile was.



Is your refrigerator prepared? Another magnet, this time for the Brickolini Pizzeria. I’ll admit, I may be too large of a LEGO Island fan. If you didn’t know, this is the pizzeria at which the protagonist of the LEGO Island franchise works. If I know one thing about Mama and Papa Brickolini, it is that they will not, under any circumstances, make for you a dish of linguine. Eh, you’ll have to look up the song from the LEGO Island soundtrack. If they had a menu, I bet it would look like every other Pizzeria’s menu. They must be getting them from the same source…


The pneumatic T Piece #4697A has not always been the sleek, shiny robot hinge you know and love. Introduced in Technic in 1984, this piece served as a connector for pneumatic tubing. A three-way intersection that was also bar-width and took a plume peg in any of the openings. This version only appeared in Light Gray and was discontinued in 1996. The newest style #4697B was introduced in the late 1980s and is still produced today in 3 colors. The original mold lends itself better to non-pneumatic, non-Technic connections since it does not have the reinforced intersection in the middle. This is one of those pieces that isn’t the easiest to order on BrickLink as many sellers would not know the difference between 4697A and 4697B.



Did you know the Neighborhood Watch character from the logo has a name? Boris the Burglar is very much a registered trademark. Oh look, it’s the Brickster from LEGO Island! You may find that the Brickster is harder to search for now because of the, well, brick-shaped “minifigures” from some of the newer nightmare-themed Nexo Knights sets. Those guys are all called bricksters as well. We’ll always have Jailbreak Joe!



This was one of the first items I ordered when I committed to Clutch’s Secret Stash. This metal bottle opener serves as a promotional item that you yourself won on trivia night at The Guarded Inn. Well if you don’t remember, you were out with friends, enjoying some drinks and company at what is most certainly the closest thing to a bar that LEGO has ever released as a set. You got a question right and they gave you this surprisingly heavy bottle opener!



How do you follow up Classic Cola? Well with Octan’s finest! We all know that the Octan Corporation makes lots of good stuff such as music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, all history books, voting machines, and fossil & renewable energy. But did you know they also make their own non-dairy or coffee-based beverages? What do you think they sell in all of those gas stations? #DrinkOctan



You got something old, now here’s something new! Part number 27266 Brick Round 2×2 with Spikes and Axle Hole is new this year, comes in 3 colors so far, and only appears in the Nexo Knights theme. I love new pieces almost as much as I love retired pieces. I plan to bring you some of each every month.



Last but not least is a concept I had a while back that I have attempted to bring to life. @Jiskone is a former (present?) graffiti artist from Florida. He is also a friend of mine in the nerd culture. I sent him a bunch of old medium-sized LEGO advertisement magazines, the ones that used to be included in sets (bring it back!). I asked him to tag them up, however he saw fit. I want to see LEGO advertisements as a canvas in a modernist style, to be juxtaposed with another art style, this time graffiti.


What did you like, what did you hate? Send me your suggestions to help shape the boxes to come. Now that you have received this box, I am ordering contents for the September box. The more people who sign up, the more contents I can include in each box.

Thank you.