Clutch’s Secret Stash August 2017 (Box 2)

Don’t let the paint jockey at the hardware store fool you. If you want Light Bluish Gray, get yourself some Light Bluish Gray. This handy color swatch was made using LEGO color hex codes and then subjected to the will of generic printing company #88. Take it to your local LEGO store and demand satisfaction from the non-AFOL brick pusher in a yellow apron. What do they keep in those aprons? Do they even have pockets?



This was the first item I ordered for Clutch’s Secret Stash. The Guarded Inn was a Lion Knights Castle set from 1986 which was later released in the Legends series in 2001. I am not alone in thinking that The Guarded Inn could have been or most likely was a medieval Bar. With that in mind, here we have the credit card-shaped bottle opener which features the Tudor-style panel design recreated with “The Guarded Inn” stamped for promotional giveaway to patrons of the old watering hole. This came out much sturdier than I thought it would have.


The pneumatic T Piece #4697A has not always been the sleek, shiny robot hinge you know and love. Introduced in Technic in 1984, this piece served as a connector for pneumatic tubing. A three-way intersection that was also bar width and took a plume peg in any of the openings. This version only appeared in Light Gray and was discontinued in 1996. The newest style #4697B was introduced in the late 1980s and is still produced today in 3 colors. The original mold lends itself better to non-pneumatic, non-Technic connections since it does not have the reinforced intersection in the middle. This is one of those pieces that isn’t the easiest to order on BrickLink as many sellers would not know the difference between 4697A and 4697B.



There are so many LEGO printed elements that I can recreate in sticker form. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I introduced the money tile sticker in April. Orders of $49 or more in my store get a dollar sticker. Now here’s the pizza sticker. The Vitruvian Minifigure tile was introduced in the Life on Mars sets. These are the sets that also helped introduce the Sand color pallet. This tile has become something of a cult favorite so I thought it would be great to reproduce it in a larger size.



If I know one thing about Mama and Papa Brickolini, it is that they will not, under any circumstances, make for you a dish of linguine. Eh, you’ll have to look up the song from the LEGO Island soundtrack. Continuing the LEGO businesses series, here we have their Pizzeria from the eponymous LEGO Island. If they had a menu, I bet it would look like every other Pizzeria’s menu. They must be getting them from the same source…



How do you follow up Classic Cola? Well with Octan’s finest! We all know that the Octan Corporation makes lots of good stuff such as music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, all history books, voting machines, and fossil & renewable energy. But did you know they also make their own non-dairy or coffee-based beverages? What do you think they sell in all of those gas stations? #DrinkOctan