Clutch’s Secret Stash July 2017 (Box 1)

Don’t let the paint jockey at the hardware store fool you. If you want Light Bluish Gray, get yourself some Light Bluish Gray. This handy color swatch was made using LEGO color hex codes and then subjected to the will of generic printing company #88. Take it to your local LEGO store and demand satisfaction from the non-AFOL brick pusher in a yellow apron. What do they keep in those aprons? Do they even have pockets?



Cartoon Network announced they are doing a Unikitty show. The art style looks similar to the Mixels show where the drawings do not look like LEGO (is that why Mixels ended??). A style which suggests that the LEGO sets were built to look like the show, not the other way around. We cannot say for sure if LEGO will produce sets based on the Unikitty show, but I went ahead and had MinifigFX (Shout out to Amanda and Nathan) print custom Unikitty faces to look like the show.
As you can see, the show animation does not suggest that these are brick-built, except maybe that sad brick at the top. (quick, use your color swatch to investigate!)
Side note: Please tell me more about that cool bird guy with sunglasses and boxing gloves!
Exactly 25 of these have been printed and all of them have been sent out to you. If you or someone you know is interested in a Unikitty figure from MinifigFX, please contact them. They will not be doing a wide release of this figure, but will produce them on demand for customers.



You’ll also find a bag with 7 Chrome Silver 70942 Tile Modified 1 x 2 with Ball. Each month I plan on sending you a working supply of a retired element, sometimes also in a retired color! 70942 appeared for 10 years in a few different sets in Chrome Gold and Chrome Silver. The Chrome Silver version was exclusive to the Belville theme. So show me what you can do with this element that you may or may not have known to exist and probably did not have 7 of in your collection previously. I have parts for the first three months and it has been really fun trying to find older molds that are no longer used and then seeing how many I can obtain.
Side note: You probably won’t be able to buy large quantities of some of these elements right away as I went through and bought a lot to make this happen.



There are so many LEGO printed elements that I can recreate in sticker form. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I introduced the money tile sticker in April. Orders of $49 or more in my store get a dollar sticker. Now here’s the pizza sticker. This will always be LEGO pizza to me. Not the new tan one or any of the ones they will do in the future. This pizza was introduced in 1994. The tan color wasn’t even introduced in non-fabric LEGO System elements until 1996.



I do not want this mystery box to turn into the same fixed items each month, but I am going to run limited series. This is the first in the LEGO Local Businesses series. Stop by the Green Grocer for some of the freshest produce around. Delivered daily, this Main street staple provides healthy food for you and your family. Put this on your refrigerator at home as a reminder of the great service you received from the Green Grocer.



Clutch’s Secret Stash isn’t just about LEGO. The goal is to have all elements of the Bricks on the Dollar brand mingled into one mystery box. Don’t worry, I’m not going to beat you over the head with Transformers, Sodas, Video Games from decades ago, Buffalo Wings, Death Metal, or anything else I am interested in. Because you may not be interested in it. But I am going to let that influence the contents of the box. I ordered some custom printed bottle caps. This first one is printed on blue and has the Classic Space logo on it. Classic Space is pretty well agreed on. This is my Classic Cola bottle cap. Trade them, make them into magnets or pins, save them for after the apocalypse, whatever you want.