Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday November 12th, 2014

Look at this guy, says he’s gonna finish the month and then blows off Wednesday!

Guess what, I’ve almost written about this set a bunch of times and I believe I wrote about it once or twice. It keeps going down in price!

I remember when the Arctic line launched, the only one with a redeeming part out value was the biggin’ 60036 Arctic Base Camp.
I can’t tell you what is keeping the value so high. The bear? The huskies? The tank treads? That sweet blast from the past conveyor belt piece? Who knows.
But Target how has it at $74.99 (down from the forgettable MSRP of $90)
That’s $71.24 with RedCard discount and limit 8.
The part out is $174.96 or 2.46x. It’s not great, but it is certainly better than other City sets. Let’s see who can sell the most Orange Bricks.

Walmart is at $74.88
And Amazon is the same


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