Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Tuesday November 11th, 2014 has $15 off if you use the code YOYOPLA15

So I noticed they have 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple for $5.50 off at $114.49. Not the best sale price, but $20.50 off sounds good to me. Not sure if there is a minimum purchase to get the $15 off but I bet there is. This set will also qualify you for free shipping. I don’t know about you, but this is the site that had my sets to me within 18 hours of being ordered and I ordered them just before midnight. Fantastic resource.
Part out value is $277.95 or 2.43x

While looking this up, I saw that 5/6 of the Minecraft sets have been inventoried. That’s awesome because I JUST FINISHED parting one of them out manually!
Let’s look at the numbers:
21113 The Cave ($19.99) parts out for $45.66 missing 2 lots or 2.28x
21114 The Farm ($29.99) parts out for $66.65 missing 4 lots or 2.22x
21115 First Night ($39.99) parts out for $92.02 missing 8 lots or 2.30x
21116 Crafting Box ($49.99) parts out for $100.55 missing 2 lots or 2.01x
21118 The Mine ($109.99) parts out for $203.50 missing 5 lots or 1.85x

These numbers are high because the sets haven’t even officially released in the States yet. Sure, they are all missing lots which would add to the value if they sell and develop average prices, but these numbers will all around decrease. They are basic brick boxes sprinkled with desirable minifigs and some cool new colors. I wouldn’t touch them without a decent sale. I got 9 copies of First Night for $32 each and got everything uploaded today. Haven’t sold anything from them yet, but hopefully someone overseas buys all the figs overnight. That’s always fun.


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