Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday November 10th, 2014

First, your deal. ShopKo has a sale through the 15th which gets you $10 off a $50 purchase. It gets tricky when you need to spend $75 before the $10 off to get free shipping. So here’s my scenario:

If you purchase 2 copies of 41005 Heartlake High which at MSRP is a $50 that ShopKo already has on sale for $40, your final bill is $79.98. You’ll need the code HOLIDAY10 to get the discount.
Part out is $105.23 or 2.63x so there’s no argument there.

And because BrickPicker is a bunch of whiny babies, I read about the coupon code on their website. Imagine…complete control of the internet. BrickPicker has it made!

And now to the sad news. After 1 year, I will be suspending my Daily Deals service. I want to thank you all immensely for reading, commenting, and subscribing. It has been a very trying exercise to write this almost every day for a year. It really opens your eyes to how few sets LEGO produces, or at least how few go on sale. I used to think they made so many each year, but in my attempts to not just write about the same handful of sets week after week, I started grasping for lesser sales.

Over the course of a year, I had 36 unique subscribers. You know who you are. After I send this tonight, I am going to cancel all of your recurring payments on PayPal. You will still receive each post I write through the end of the month. I’ll also keep you in MailChimp so when I do write posts on my own, you will all get them just as you have been for the last year. I suppose I should leave you all with some words of advice when it comes to selling parts on BrickLink. Well, I have a few weeks left to think of those words. And in the end, I’ll leave you with all of my go-to sources used in writing this blog. Of course, I can’t tell you everything I know, but hopefully I’ve helped steer your store in the right direction and helped you avoid mistakes. Please feel free to visit my site where you will find links to my social media pages as well as my YouTube channel. Those aren’t going away any time soon.

Thank you for everything you do for the LEGO community.

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