Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Wednesday May 14th, 2014

All this week, Toys R Us has 25% off Galaxy Squad sets. It’s probably not worth mentioning so that’s why I haven’t brought it up until now. So disregarding any prior sale prices, let’s see how this TRU sale would do as an investment.

70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech is $29.99, limit 4.
Part out is $64.14 or 2.14x.

70702 Warp Stinger is $26.24, limit 4.
Part out is $43.89 or 1.67x.

70703 Star Slicer is $33.74, limit 4.
Part out is $53.70 or 1.59x.

70701 Swarm Interceptor is $16.49, limit 4.
Part out is $31.25 or 1.89x.

70700 Space Swarmer is $11.24, limit 4.
Part out is $14.40 or 1.28x.

70705 Bug Obliterator is $74.99, limit 4.
Part out is $97.25 or 1.30x.

70704 Vermin Vaporizer is $52.49, limit 2.
Part out is $80.91 or 1.09x.

So let this be a lesson. Only buy from TRU when I tell you to. Now the Eradicator Mech is a pretty good deal. The cheapest I remember seeing it was $25 and it is a TRU exclusive I believe.

Aside from that, hopefully you were able to score some deals from ShopKo with 20% off. Unfortunately, all of the Movie sets sold out before I got to buy them. Oh well. Tomorrow there will a new LEGO set released so check S@H at midnight tonight to see what it is and if it is worth ordering immediately. If it is the Ecto-1, then I have to insist you purchase it just to make sure that you’ve secured at least one copy.

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