Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Friday May 2nd, 2014

I’ve been meaning to review the Micro Fighters. They are cheap, licensed, come with a minifig, and can only be better than the planet sets, right?

Let’s find out!
They cost $9.99 each but Kmart has them all 50 cents off right now. We may see better for May the Fourth however.

75032 X-Wing Fighter parts out for $13.78 or 1.45x. Gulp!

75029 AAT parts out for $16.43 or 1.73x. Oh boy!

75031 TIE Interceptor parts out for $15.88 or 1.67x. Run for it!

75033 Star Destroyer parts out for $17.83 or 1.88x. OH LAWD! (said like Bernie Mac)

75028 Clone Turbo Tank parts out for $17.11 or 1.80x. Is it over yet?

75030 Millennium Falcon parts out for $22.00 or 2.32x. Well hey, I did not see that coming!

So if you are gonna buy any with a mediocre sale, buy the Millennium Falcon. Must be that sweet, greebly goodness. Otherwise, you’re gonna have to wait until these bad boys, and I do mean bad, hit 50% off somehow. With this in mind, I might bulk up on Millennium Falcons next time they hit $9 or less.

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