Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Friday March 21st, 2014

So because this week has been so bad for sales, today I’m gonna write about what NOT to buy. It’s an equally important topic and not a grasp for subject matter.

I want to focus on the sets that Shop@Home has on clearance and has had on clearance for a while. The good stuff sells out. The bad deals are around for a while until they drop to a low enough price where they either become a good deal or they sell to buyers who are looking for price, not content.

The sets mentioned can all be found here:

44001 Pyrox is $10.48 from $12.99.
Part out is $20.84 or 1.99x.

44003 Scarox is $7.98 from $9.99.
Part out is $11.83 or 1.48x.

44004 Bulk is $7.98 from $9.99.
Part out is $15.76 or 1.97x.

44007 Ogrum is $10.48 from $12.99.
Part out is $19.78 or 1.89x.

44005 Bruizer is $10.48 from $12.99.
Part out is $14.55 or 1.39x.

44012 Evo is $7.98 from $9.99.
Part out is $12.75 or 1.60x.

44013 Aquagon is $7.98 from $9.99.
Part out is $15.70 or 1.98x.

I chose the Hero Factory sets because I knew they both had a bad part out value and were aging on the clearance page.
Hero Factory is generally a theme that you don’t want to part out. There are a few brand new ones that have decent part out value that I’ve considered. They may just be good for part out when they first release, but I believe they all sink very, very low after enough time. Finally, like DUPLO or Technic, if you only dabble in Hero Factory parts, you won’t make consistent sales. Variety and quantity are what counts.

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