Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Wednesday March 19th, 2014

It’s a really slow sales week. Kmart has returned all but 5 sets to full price (or at least less than 20% off). Last time they did this, they were just resetting for another major price drop spread. We’ll see. They always have stuff on sale but never any great deals.

So here’s something at full price you can buy if’n you want to. (yup, “if’n”)
Mixels are dropped to MSRP at TRU. You’ll get free shipping if you buy enough, but enough is nearly maxing out. They are $4.99 each and all 9 types are limit 2. Don’t forget to use the “SALE20” code to save 20% off one of them or $1.

Let’s see if the part out values make this deal even worth your time. Keep in mind, they are sold out everywhere I look.

Shuff 41505
$7.75 or 1.55x.

Flain 41500
$6.58 or 1.32x.

Volectro 41508
$14.17 or 2.84x.

Teslo 41506
$11.10 or 2.22x.

Seismo 41504
$7.33 or 1.47x.

Zaptor 41507
$12.99 or 2.60x.

Zorch 41502
$8.39 or 1.68x.

Krader 41503
$5.92 or 1.19x.

Vulk 41501
Darn, I got cut off by monthly maintenance on BrickLink. I’m sure it’s not great.

So the yellow ones are the best, red is not good, and black is terrible.

They are also available from S@H for the same price:
All 9 appear to be in stock at a limit of 99 each. They also have combos for all of each color or all 9 total. Combos appear to be limit 5.

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