Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday March 2nd, 2014

I really didn’t plan on writing about ShopKo for three days in a row. My apologies if you don’t order online AND don’t live near a ShopKo.

It is hard to understand how their online inventory fluctuates so much. The remaining Friends and Super Heroes sets have hit the virtual shelves and are BOGO 50% off. It would be way too much work to get you all of the numbers, and I am very tired, so here are the links to the items which are both in-stock (at press time) and that haven’t already been mentioned.

Stephanie’s Beach House limit 3

Heartlake Juice Bar limit 4

Cinderella’s Romantic Castle limit 2

Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower limit 3

Cinderella’s Dream Carriage limit 3

Merida’s Highland Games limit 3

Sunshine Ranch limit 3

Sunshine Harvest limit 3

Doc Ock Truck Heist limit 3

Batman: The Riddler Chase limit 3

Batman: Man-Bat Attack limit 3

Captain America Vs Hydra limit 3

Spider-Helicopter Rescue limit 4

All sets are at MSRP and based on the quantity limitations, my guess isn’t that they only have a few left, but that they just don’t want you buying ALL of them. Well they haven’t met me it seems.

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