Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday February 16th, 2014

So a funny thing happened yesterday. Well, it wasn’t really funny. So a thing happened yesterday! I went to 9 Targets in a “light” sweep for polybags half off. Most of the Targets had the Seaplane bag for $1.74, just as predicted. One of them however had them for $2.96 which is like 15% off. They wouldn’t lower the price so we bought them anyway. You can just return them with your receipt at any location and then just repurchase them at the price you want to pay. It’s not the most honest way of doing it, but it works. While we were out and about, we checked the LEGO aisles and the clearance aisles. Not a single one of these Targets had their clearance down to 50% off yet. Some didn’t have any clearance at all, some were still at 30% off, and some had marked up the sets by a few dollars before taking 30% off. I bought the only 2 Daily Bugle Showdowns I could find for $35 each (30% off), and 3 Lake-town Chases which I was surprised to find for the same price. That set just came out a few months ago so I was very surprised to see a clearance sticker on them. I don’t know if that is widespread or not, but in the event that that particular set isn’t long for the shelves for some reason, I’m glad I got 3. Nothing else was standing out to me since I know 50% off is coming and I’m looking forward to it.

So what should you do about it? Well, I think we’ll all try again this Thursday to see if anything changed. If you are already seeing 50% off, I recommend buying as much as you can, leaving only the worst deals for a potential 70% off in the weeks to come.

Now onto today. Toys R Us has a new deal this week. It’s BOGO 50% off all sets except Movie, Mindstorms, Disney Princesses, & Hard to Find items. At press time, last week’s deal is still active and applying so I can’t see if there are any price increases in anticipation for the BOGO sale. I’ll assume that prices will go up since they are also coming down. The Movie sets may very well stay at MSRP with the exception of Rescue Reinforcements. By the way, did I tell you I accidentally bought 11 of them instead of the intended 10? Oops.

I’ll be sure to highlight some sets later in the week, should any good deals actually exist from TRU. But in the mean time, use this link to see all of their sets:
and look for any ones with a red, slashed price. If there is a discount, even if it is imaginary, that means those are the ones you want to start with when checking for potential deals.

Also, Kmart updated their sales page again and there is 1 item that interests me.
79008 Pirate Ship Ambush is $72 which is $3 less than on Amazon. It was $49 at some Targets last month, but I only ever managed to get 1 copy.
Part out is $158.45 or 2.21x.
The Kmart clearance items never last long so if you want their max 5 copies, better act on it today.

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