Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday February 13th, 2014

So if you are not getting pounded by snow today, I recommend you check out a local Target or perhaps all of them. YMMV, but the numerous clearance items should drop to 50% off today. I won’t be getting out there until Saturday, but I’ll be sure to post an update on Sunday with all of the prices that I’ve found. This time, I am going to list them in order of best percentage to worst percentage, but with any luck, they will all be over 2.5x anyway.

I don’t believe this set is even available on shelves, so I’ll list a web deal from Target.
70013 Equilas Ultra Striker is now $28.99 down from $39.99. The price on this set has been all over the place on It seems every 3 days or so the price fluctuates within a few dollars. This is the cheapest it has been in a couple weeks, but unfortunately, I believe it dropped below $20 at one point recently. Anyway, this is a Target exclusive, do any discount that puts your part out percentage in the right range is worthwhile. You don’t have to worry about Walmart beating this price.
The part out by the way is $63.63 or 2.19x. So if you can afford to wait and keep an eye on this one, do it. But otherwise, it’s not a bad investment. Don’t forget state sales tax applies but so does your RedCard. Just make sure you leave enough room on your RedCard for in-store clearance purchases!!!

In other news, it looks like ShopKo’s BOGO 50% off sale is over (though at press time the branding is still there) and it has been replaced by a blanket 20% off most if not all sets. This includes the Movie sets which have been mostly restocked since yesterday when there were very few left (which I bought). The previous sale worked out to be 25% off equally priced pairings while this sale is just 20% off. That’s the same 20% off which Toys R Us and Target had been running. The good news is they have free shipping and tax free shopping (at least for me), but they no longer have an edge with their prices. They don’t have any exclusives, so buy the sets only if you are alright with 20% off. Remember, almost every set hits clearance at some point in its run, so there’s a chance that you’ll see much better prices on these sets in a year or two.

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