Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday February 10th, 2014

Happy Monday!

ShopKo is still running their Buy One Get One 50% off sale on almost all LEGO items. They also appear to have restocked the LEGO Movie sets.
If you click on any of the Movie sets and the quantity available is less than 12, that means that number is all they have left. The website appears to have a live inventory system so if it shows 5 and you buy 5, it should read “temporarily out of stock” after you complete your purchase. A lot of them show fewer than 12 so get them quick! That works out to be 25% off which is the best deal we’ve seen on LEGO Movie sets. Target has some of them for 20% off and TRU has $!5 off of $50, but buying in equally priced pairs on ShopKo is the best way to go. May I suggest an even number of Bad Cop’s Pursuit, Castle Cavalry, Trash Chomper, and Ice Cream Machine. We’ll see deeper discounts in the future, but there’s no telling how long until that happens. I don’t see these sets every becoming unpopular.

Kmart looks like it added more items to the deals page. A couple that caught my eye are as follows:
41006 Downtown Bakery for $23.99 down from $29.99
Part out is $55.77 or 2.32x.

60060 Auto Transporter for $24.36 down from $29.99
Part out is $64.81 or 2.66x. Usual Kmart limit 5 and free shipping with any 3 of these highlighted sets.

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