Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday February 9th, 2014

Looks like the new sale this week at TRU is $15 off $50, which is 30% off if you play your cards right!

Now, the Movie sets are all back to MSRP…except for the most important one! 70813 Rescue Reinforcements is now $79.99, $10 above MSRP. Last night I knew the previous deal was ending so I ordered 2 more for ship-to-store. I now have 10 copies which is what I wanted to part out. I’ve never done a ship-to-store after the store closed. I guess they’ll email me in the morning telling me that the order is ready to get picked up.

So you might be asking me what a good item to buy would be if you wanted to maximize the discount. Well, $50 will get you free shipping so try to land exactly at $50. This type of blanket discount will give us an opportunity to buy polybags below MSRP. I’ve always said, the only things you should buy from TRU and polybags and CMFs when there is ANY sale. Well, this is a sale, and there are polybags available. You could easily get 2 of the $29.99 Movie sets and therefore be getting 25% off. Not a maximized discount, but still better than the 20% off blanket they had last week.

So what I propose is you order 4x 30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer, 4x 30216 Lake-town Guard, & another $20.08 of whatever you want. Sorting trays are $9.99 each, there are some mini storage cases for $3.99, um, and other stuff. I wish the Melting Room was in stock. I need 3 more of those and they are $12.99, just a tad more than I need to spend to get $15 off. TRU is slow to change the sales over, so when I am writing this, I can’t do the deal yet. But by the time you read this, it should be fine.

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