Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday February 6th, 2014

How do I put this? EVERYTHING is on sale! Target last month was just a taste. Anywhere you go, except maybe Kmart, has tons of items on sale and clearance. Though I wasn’t really interested in buying anything, I went around shopping with a friend (and fellow seller) today. There were more deals than either of us were comfortable buying. There would have been a day where I would have maxed all of my credit cards today buying everything, but that day was before the stack you see behind me in my videos, which has been named “Mt. Clutchmore” by a fan. In fact, shopping like that is what caused the stack. So know your limitations and understand how much processing time it takes to deal with purchases that large. So here’s a little rundown of what you can expect at your local retail stores in case you feel like throwing a little trip together. And remember, Amazon tries its best to match these retailers on some of the items in case you need more or aren’t able to find what you were looking at.

Walmart has a lot of sets between 25 and 50% off. I’ve been seeing a bunch of deals online, but didn’t actually see any of those particular sets when I was in store. I did pick up 6 more 70708 Hive Crawler for $35 each. These were $35 each at Target in December (which I probably wrote about) and this is the first time I’ve seen them back at that price. I got 6 of them because I had bought 9 of them back then and I wanted to get my 15 before I part them out. The value is $110.85 or 3.17x which is pretty great for Galaxy Squad. Another set I saw but did not pick up was 79103 Turtle Lair Attack also for $35. I knew that was the right price when looking at it, but not having any in my queue, I decided to pass on it. Turns out the value is $90.58 or 2.59x so I guess sticking with the Hive Crawler was a good move. Still, that’s a great price on the Turtle Lair. The deals are very numerous and you’ll surely find sets that I didn’t even see.

Target ONLINE! continues their BOGO 30% off and they’ve reinstated some of the markdowns BEFORE THE BOGO. The Chima Eagle Tank is marked down, but not like it was on the first day of the BOGO sale. I mean, you van get the 75002 AT-RT for $10.98 in pairs with the stacking discounts right now.
That has a part out of $35.56 or 3.24x.

Finally, Toys R Us continues to have all Movie, Creator, and City sets 20% off. Forget Creator and City, the Movie sets are not marked up yet. So they are giving away sets at 20% below MSRP. Call the media! Wait, am I the media? Hello? Yes, I’ll hold.
If you want to part out Movie sets early in the game, get them now and get them from Toys R Us. I swear, there’s no TRU rep with a gun to my head.
And if you get anything, please let it be Rescue Reinforcements. That’s the TRU exclusive set. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you. If a TRU exclusive set goes further than 15% below MSRP, get it. LEGO won’t go further than that unless they can’t sell it and it is super old. TRU is actually your best chance to get this set for only $56. Not only that, but you get a free polybag and $7.50 towards a movie ticket with a $50 purchase, of which, that set qualifies. Here’s what I did today. I had three $5 coupons for TRU that I got for being a cardholder and all-around big spender. I got 3 copies of this set and used a coupon on each. I received my polybag for each one. Then, since they were out of the movie ticket vouchers, they took $7.50 off my bill. That last part is VERY YMMV, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. All in all I got 3 Rescue Reinforcements and 3 polybags for $127 total. Do you want to know the part out value? That’s $537.78 or 4.23x not including the 3 bags. That’s still 2.56x at full retail of $69.99. Get the set while you can. Once they mark up the Movie sets, it’s game over for this one at least.

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