Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday February 2nd, 2014

Alright, I’m freaking out tonight. After weeks of what I felt were sub-par deals I was giving you, today all of the stores hit me with more sales than my brain can process.

I thought it would be light today and I would just tell you all to go to Toys R Us because if you got the postcard in the mail, you can exchange that for a free LEGO Movie polybag and $7.50 towards a LEGO Movie ticket with a $50 purchase. (If you didn’t get the postcard, don’t worry about it.) The polybags should be perfectly available on the rack in case you just want to buy 11 and get one free. There’s also 20% off all City, Creator, & The LEGO Movie sets both online and in-store. Of course, the postcard only works in-store and that polybag is unavailable online, but the discount applies both places. Interestingly enough, the LEGO Movie sets aren’t marked up yet on the website. They may be marked up by the time you read this, and they certainly may be marked up by the time you get to your TRU today, but you’ll have to judge whether 20% off a markup plus a polybag is worth it for you. Depending on the Rescue Reinforcements markup, you might want to pick one of those up because it will cover the polybag minimum purchase. The website shows all City and Creator as being marked down to a 20% off of their regular price price. The only Movie set that is being shown with a discount is the CMF line which ironically is now only $2.99…MSRP.

So call it a slow website update or poor execution, but TRU might be hot today.

Next, Target has “BOGO 30% off all LEGO” but it’s not ALL LEGO. I can’t quite figure out the parameters. Some stuff works, some doesn’t I checked out the Target-exclusive Creative Ambush and it did not apply. Curiously enough, some of the sets already on sale applied like the Chima Eagle Tank and the Star Wars Republic Gunship. You can get some pretty serious discounts when you stack a clearance set, BOGO 30, and 5 more with the RedCard. Check it out! by_1&intc=1518553|null

Finally, new crowd favorite, ShopKo, has BOGO 50% off their very limited supply of LEGO. While it reads “Buy 1 Get 50% off 1” as if the deal stops at one pairing, I added 4 items to my cart and the total was for 3 of them so it stacks. They have a few Movie sets left, but not enough to pair appropriately for max discounts. I would aim for their TMNT sets which are at MSRP and qualify.

For real, let me know what you wind up buying because there are some serious deals to be had today! I’m gonna hit TRU for that polybag (even if I just buy it alone) and then I’ve got some parting out to do. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there’s a growing heap of sealed sets in the to-do pile.

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