Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Saturday February 1st, 2014

Welcome to February, the month of the LEGO Movie!

So what are you doing at 2pm? Well you didn’t want to see them anyway. Here’s what you’re gonna do!
Books-A-Million, the somewhat-known book/magazine/maybe toy store that filled the gap left by Borders Booksellers a couple of years ago is holding a LEGO event from 2-4pm. I didn’t see anything on their website about it, but it might only be visible to members. All I know is in this link:
Looks awfully similar to next Saturday’s TRU LEGO Movie event. There is even a contest in the fine print at the bottom similar to the raffle being held at TRU. We don’t know what the mini-build is yet, but it is probably Emmet’s car like at TRU. The whole thing seems identical to what TRU is doing, and it very well may be. Let’s hope it is better than that Barnes & Noble event last week that proved very unfruitful. is now offering the free LEGO Movie Piece of Resistance polybag with $50 purchases, and for today and tomorrow, you can get the Batman poster for free with any purchase (while supplies last). But that’s not all! If you spend $50 on whatever they determine to be a “LEGO City purchase,” then you get 50% off of one of three $9.99 City sets. So a $5 discount for purchasing $60 worth of City sets. I doubt there is a good way to take advantage of that one, but perhaps you’ve had your eye on the 60026 Town Square or um…yeah I don’t follow the City sets. What you could do however is go to a LEGO Store today or tomorrow (that City promotion is in-store only), buy $50 in City sets, get a $10 City set for $5, and get your polybag and poster. That’s the best way to do it.

I just checked and there is no single City set over $50 that parts out anywhere close to 2x at full price. Perhaps a bunch of a smaller set, but not any of the big ones.

Finally, something I have never bought, Star Wars Super Pack (66473)
You often see these bundles on retailer websites. They appear to have their own packaging but I have never bought one so I don’t know for sure. The packaging does not matter however since you are parting it out.
Normally the super packs are not great deals. I’ve never mentioned them here. But this one is on sale for a great price.
It contains:
75015 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid which parts out for $49.04
75016 Homing Spider Droid which parts out for $59.68
& 75019 AT-TE which parts out for $141.33
That gives you a combined total part out of $250.05. Oh, did I not tell you? The cost is only $99.99. That’s 2.50x. There’s a limit of 4 per order, but that’s a great deal.

Though we’ve seen 75019 cheaper before, the MSRP on that set alone is $89.99. The super pack is basically 29% off of MSRP or a million percent off of TRU pricing. And of course, it ships for free.

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