Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday January 30th, 2014

On the 23rd, I posted about a store called Shopko. No, they didn’t restock the Movie sets which were (and still are for all I know) 20% off. But they did mark down one of the items that was already on sale.

4439 Heavy Duty Helicopter
$23.99 limit 10 (was $35.99 last time)
Part out $71.59 (was $71.60) or 2.98x (was 1.99x with previous price)

Now City sets aren’t particularly great part out values. This is a $49.99 set which would be 1.43x at full price (excluding tax). But you really can’t argue with nearly 3x in part out value. For the same reason that not many sellers will part out the large, exclusives because you can’t get any discounts on them, many sellers won’t part out sets like this because a sale which actually makes the set worthwhile is hard to come by. I think this would be a great set to buy the full 10 copies of and part them out. I’d also recommend parting the minifigures fully. They go for between $1.97 and $2.56 each and the most expensive one is in 3 sets, this being the largest! The good thing about parting out City minifigures is that none of the elements are very specialized. The facial expressions, the usually unprinted legs, and the realistic torsos lend themselves to many uses beyond being confined to a particular minifigure. You’d never use Deadpool’s head for anything else, but you have 3 different normal facial expressions here that would easily be sold in quantity.

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