Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Wednesday January 29th, 2014

Last night I parted out 15 copies of 79110 Silver Mine Shootout. I had been amassing them for a while. TRU had them for half off of their price, Homegoods had them for pretty cheap, Amazon has had them on sale for a while, The LEGO Store even had them on clearance. Once I hit 15 of them, including a couple from the recent Target clearance, I parted them all out. It took 5 hours for me and some friends to sort them. Today I’ll be spending at least 2 more hours putting all of the parts away. The good news? That’s 10,000 more items in my store. Don’t underestimate the power of quantity over variety. AFOLs building MOCs are almost never looking for variety when they place BrickLink orders. AFOLs are very resourceful and they only turn to BrickLink when they have no way of getting parts quickly or reasonably priced. Most AFOLs would argue “why buy the parts I need from BrickLink when I can just buy a bunch of sets to obtain those parts AND I get a ton of other parts?” I don’t mean to dissuade you from trying to sell parts or even from going after a variety store. There are plenty of buyers who are looking to complete old sets and quantities have nothing to do with that mission. A healthy mix of quantity and variety is the way to go. Lately I’ve been going after quantity so that I might get the attention of some AFOLs who would see my service as valuable. I seek to part out about 15 of any set that I can get both for the right price and in that quantity.

It’s a really good set with higher than normal quantities (and lower than normal variety). Parting them out, we found that there were a good number of different elements that wouldn’t seem to quit. 663 items in 174 lots. Part out value is still up at $118.23 so anything under $60 is a good price to pay for this set.

Walmart has it for $51.57 limit 5.

Amazon has it for $47.99 limit 2.

I’ve found that when Amazon puts sets on a good sale, they don’t last long. In fact, a lot of the deals I write about at night are probably almost gone if not already sold out by 8am when the emails send. That’s just the nature of Amazon though. I try to give you options that are more stable. I’d recommend mass part out to anyone who is looking to sell parts. If you are a buyer and you need items pronto, you are sorting by quantity and whoever has it, gets your order.

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