Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday January 27th, 2014

Well the Constitution Train and Equila’s Ultra Striker are still available from Target online, but from what I heard, the Mines of Moria and the Stagecoach Escape were very quickly. Fortunately, they were still available at 8am when you all got the email about them.

Remember, you can feel free to share my blog posts where ever and to whomever you’d like just so long as you credit me with posting it in the first place. If you want to charge someone else $5 per month for you to forward my emails to them, go for it. Offset that cost!

That being said, yesterday’s deal was one of those ones which I hope you feel really made your subscription fee worthwhile.

First thing today is that Amazon has 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush on sale for $78.90 with free shipping, limit 2.
The part out is $159.16 or 2.02x so this is absolutely the most you’ll ever want to pay for this set. But if you haven’t been able to get it or you need a few more before you part them out, this is a good, tax-free opportunity to get, well, a couple more of them.

Kmart has a lot of sets for between 10% and 15% off. Their filtering system only shows you items that are 20% off or more, so that won’t help. Poke around on the Kmart site and see if there are any sets in this moderate sale that you have been looking for at a decent price.

The only ones that caught my attention were:

79103 Turtle Lair Attack for $43.74
Part out is $91.19 or 2.08x

79014 Dol Guldur Battle for $61.24
Part out is $127.54 or 2.08x

76005 Daily Bugle Showdown for $43.74
Part out is $95.27 or 2.18x

I’m seriously considering that last one since I have 6 of them already. I’m gonna sleep on it though. You’ll be awake already when you see this so maybe you should nap on that one, haha. Jokes.

Lastly, today is the first day for the 4th and final LEGO Movie poster from the LEGO Store and Shop@Home. Any purchase will come with the “Will Arnett is Batman” poster. I plan to get one sometime this week in-store. I don’t think there is anything on Shop@Home that warrants me placing an order. The only thing I can think of is more Crawley’s Claw Rippers because they are sold out at my LEGO Store but still available online. That is completely dependent on the particular store though.

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