Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday January 26th, 2014

Now this is just the nature of the business. Yesterday I tell you there are some good deals to be had on Target’s website, and today I am going to tell you that there are now even better deals to be had on that very same website. My apologies if you purchased yesterday and are now unable to purchase today. I’ve always stated that nobody is expected to buy the deal of the day every day, but to use it as a guide in case they are looking for a particular item to go on sale.

So the easiest way is to tell you that the deals are under the Sale filter on the Target site and you can see that filter here:

That’s a nasty looking link! Anyway, not all of the sale items are great. I’ll tell you what you need to know.

79111 Constitution Train Chase is $79.99 which is I’d say the third best price we’ve seen it at but also quite possibly the last good price we’ll ever see it at.
The part out is $175.65 or 2.20x but I strongly recommend you keep any remaining trains sealed. They always go up in value and the great thing about parting out sets is you can always change your mind with a sealed set and part it out later. You can’t unpart and reseal a parted set.

79108 Stagecoach Escape is at $19.99 matching the low price which was TRU back in December.
The part out is $60.52 or 3.03x. The answer is easy for me. I’ve already parted out 15 of them at this price as planned so I do not need this one.

Now here’s one that’s really interesting!
9473 The Mines Of Moria is $39.99 and I really doubt it will last long.
The part out is $135.91 or 3.40x but you can already sell it on Amazon for over $100. I’d be torn whether I should sell them sealed or part them out. In fact I really want to buy them but I know I shouldn’t. DON’T FORGET YOUR EXTRA 5% OFF WITH THE REDCARD. “Oh My G-O-S-H,” I’m sold! (LEGO Movie reference)

Last one of importance is 70013 Equila’s Ultra Striker for $19.99.
This is a Target exclusive so there were fewer made and they weren’t as available to the public. I’m not gonna say a $40 store-exclusive set is a cash cow, but it has a few things going for it. Plus, it’s 50% off so that should be reason enough. To boot, the part out is $63.39 or 3.17x.

Have we seen this many 3x or higher sets in the past? Better get buying!

Finally, I’m seeing another batch of mixed-theme sets being marked DOWN to MSRP (laughable) on the TRU website but remember they are also eligible for the “spend $75, save $20” discount. That’s 25% off if you buy 4 $20 sets which have been marked down to their MSRP of $20 each.

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