Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Friday January 24th, 2014

TGIF! Did you find anything good at Target yesterday for the next round of markdowns? I sure didn’t! And let that be a lesson to you. There’s only so long you can wait before buying the clearance sets. Sure, the first round (30% off) puts most sets over 2.50x part out, but who wouldn’t want to get those same sets at 3.00x or 3.50x? If you wait too long, they will just be plain old GONE. I bought most of my sets at 50% off and though I’d always take more, I’m content with what I got. I’ll be traveling for work tomorrow so I’ll hit a few more Targets that are well out of my territory and maybe I’ll get lucky, but they are probably picked clean as well.

If you must buy something today, may I recommend 9450 Epic Dragon Battle
Amazon has it for $84.99 down from $119.99. Now it’s not the cheapest we’ve seen, but the part out is $176.67 or 2.08x and this set is sure to retire within the next month or so. It’s Wave 2 Ninjago and we are looking at Wave 4 on the shelves right now. It’s older than the Golden Dragon I talked about the other day and it is one of the largest Ninjago sets ever produced.

The limit at press time is 30 copies which is more than anyone needs, so I believe they have a good stock of them available and will for at least the whole day if not longer.

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