Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday January 23rd, 2014

I got the tip today about a retail store which I have never heard of but carries LEGO. Not only do they carry it, they have it on sale!

Shopko is based in Wisconsin and I’ll willing to bet they don’t have any locations in Pennsylvania let alone the east coast perhaps. If it is near you, know this: It’s not everywhere. It doesn’t really matter though because they ship for free if your order is over $75 and at least for me, they didn’t charge any sales tax.

They only have 60 different LEGO Items on their site, seen here:

Most are at MSRP, a few are above, and 22 of them are out of stock online, but the new Ninjago sets as well as the LEGO Movie sets are all 20% off. No minimum buy, just a flat 20% off. I was able to get 5 Getaway Gliders and 4 Melting Rooms for 20% off shipped free with no tax, but they appear to be sold out now. If you live near one of these stores, I recommend you clean them out. The following are the sets they have on sale at press time:

70720 Hover Hunter
$9.59 limit 5
Part out $20.43 or 2.13x

70721 Kai Fighter
$15.99 limit 3
Part out $42.87 or 2.68x

70723 Thunder Raider
$23.99 limit 4
Part out $76.72 or 3.20x

70724 NinjaCopter
$47.99 limit 5
Part out $104.94 or 2.19x

4439 Heavy Duty Helicopter
$35.99 limit 10
Part out $71.60 or 1.99x

I’m not sure if the lowered quantity limits suggest that they only have that many left in stock or if it is due to demand, but I would suggest checking this out as soon as you read this. I missed most of the Movie sets, but I think it would have been dangerous for me to buy them all.

If you want to stay local, you can always check out Target’s clearance section. It’s Thursday so markdowns will happen. Maybe there’s a Target you’ve been waiting to check out or maybe there’s a set that you’ve stashed waiting for the next round of markdowns. I know I’ll be checking on one particular set this weekend. I was going to do a clean sweep of the area, but I think I’ve bought enough. These sets are on top of me and the weight is crushing.

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