Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday January 20th, 2014

Today’s deal went live yesterday, but not until after I posted yesterday’s deal. It should be good for a week, like most Toys R Us deals. So in addition to the 15% off any one item deal which should be ending today, there is now a “Spend $75, save $20” deal or ~26.5% off ideally. Now I have not gotten the two to combine under any circumstances, but buying a set up to around $150, the $20 off is a better deal. Beware the markups though.

Now, the rules online state that Movie sets, Hard-to-Find sets (whatever they actually mean by that), and Mindstorms are excluded. Fair enough, Movie sets aren’t marked up yet so no discounts shall be give. I understand. The problem is, the discount still applies to Movie sets! Put Lord Business’ Evil Lair or Rescue Reinforcements in your cart and BOOM! $20 is taken off. I was in store also (I’ll get into that later) and the tags on the shelves stated “No Movie sets or Mindstorms.” That leads me to believe that Hard-to-Find items are online-only anyway. I didn’t try the discount on any movie sets in-store, but then again, I didn’t realize it would work until after I was home.

So one interesting thing I found on the TRU site on Saturday night while writing the Sunday blog was that the Batcave 6860
is marked down to MSRP! Well that doesn’t happen often. It is now $69.99 and is applicable for either discount. The $20 off discount is better, but you’ll need to add $5.01 worth of other LEGO products. I chose the Cavalry builder set from Lone Ranger to get over the $75 mark. It’s also at MSRP of $11.99.

The Batcave is only available for Store Pickup so see if any of the locations near you have them in stock. Luckily, my closest TRU had them in stock so I placed 2 identical orders. and picked them up. While I was there I was keeping my eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. Their website lists a lot of new sets that aren’t supposed to come out until March. I didn’t see any of them, but I did find a rack of Lake-town Guard polybags. I scooped all of them up and did a third transaction (in-store) of spend $75, save $20. I was way over, but not high enough to split it into two transactions. Whatever, I need those polybags.

Once I got home, I was thinking about how to use the 15% off coupon deal. Knowing that the Movie sets are excluded from the better promotion, I thought that getting Rescue Reinforcements
would be the best use of the coupon since it is a not-yet-marked-up TRU exclusive. That would be getting 15% off of a set that really won’t ever be marked down anywhere. That would be $60 for a $70 set, when if marked up to $80, would only be $68 with the same discount. The set, as you can probably see, bounces back and forth in availability. I ordered one and had it shipped to me, but at press time, it is only available in stores and not even available for store pickup. You can see how popular this set is. Like I said, I ordered one of them plus 2 more Lake-town Guard polybags and that got me over $75 for the $20 to be taken off. I don’t know that this would work in-store, but finding the set is hard enough.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get Rescue Reinforcements for a discount before they mark it up and also get the Batcave while it is marked down and with the $20 off discount. There are a lot of fill-in-the-blanks you can choose to get your order over $75, but the choice is yours and yours alone. (Olmec reference)

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