Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Saturday January 18th, 2014

I’m really bummed. The Baxter Robot Rampage which I had been monitoring closely dropped in price some time yesterday. They were supposed to have the Simpsons house up at Midnight for VIPs, but it didn’t go up for a few hours. I’m not sure when, but I think the clearance items’ prices were altered then too. Baxter dropped from $31.98 to $19.98. I would have gotten my 5 and with any luck, gotten a second order in. But I was sleeping. Now they are all gone. I actually called too. It said “Call to check product availability” and usually I just treat that as “sold out,” but I really wanted it so I called. The customer service rep obviously didn’t know who I was, even though I had to enter my VIP account number on the phone. She told me that the set was sold out and they wouldn’t be making it anymore. I told her I was only calling because it said to call.

So I didn’t get that, but the Chima sets which were on clearance got a little cheaper, so let’s take a look at them!

70000 Razcal’s Glider $5.98 from $11.99, 50% off, $16.19 part out or 2.71x, limit 5

70001 Crawley’s Claw Ripper $7.48 from $14.99, 50% off, $23.12 part out or 3.09x, limit 5

70002 Lennox’ Lion Attack $12.48 from $24.99, 50% off, $39.04 part out or 3.13x, limit 5

70004 Wakz’ Pack Tracker $14.98 from $29.99, 50% off, $50.36 part out or 3.36x, limit 5

If you are like me and you are getting all 20 sets 😀 the subtotal is $204.60. Peculiarly, the 30228 Police ATV polybag is not adding to my cart and neither is the Emmet poster. They are both “while supplies last,” but I’d be really surprised to hear that the bag is gone after 17/20 days of its run and the poster is gone 4/7 days out of its run. Oh well, no sense in waiting for them to sell out of the sets too. ORDER PLACED!!

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