Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday January 12th, 2014

After scouring the weekly ads and blogs, I’ve found nothing. There’s a City set on Amazon which was supposedly 30% off but when I clicked it, the FBA ones had already sold and the remaining MF ones were more expensive. No big loss though. Unfortunately for me, this isn’t the kind of blog that I can stockpile evergreen posts to use in an occasion like this. So, since LEGO Shop@Home is so bloated with clearance items that won’t seem to sell out and have been listed since Boxing Day, maybe we should actually put a lens to them. I’m not going to list the MSRP prices, keep in mind, these are all on sale and they have all sat there for a few weeks.

40058 Decorating the Tree polybag is $6.48 with a part out value of $14.41 or 2.22x limit 99 copies 😀

70001 Crawley’s Claw Ripper is $10.48 with a part out value of $23.23 or 2.22x limit 5.

70002 Lennox’ Lion Attack is $17.48 with a part out value of $38.86 or 2.22x limit 5. (this one was $19.98 on Shop@Home clearance prior to Xmas)

70004 Wakz’ Pack Tracker is $20.98 with a part out value of $50.61 or 2.41x limit 5.

70012 Razar’s CHI Raider is $27.98 with a part out value of $59.69 or 2.13x limit 5. (This had also been on the clearance page, not sure if it dropped though)

Minifigures Series 11 are $2.48 each which is probably the lowest we’ll ever see them. I’m honestly surprised they’ve stuck around on sale this long. The limit is 32 and I have had to convince myself not to buy them a few times. I would love to stock up on them and part them out completely, but I don’t like the idea of getting them at random and potentially ending up with too many Yetis, Gingerbread Men, or Robots which are better off assembled than parted out. I still might do it, and 32 of them puts you just over the free shipping threshold. We’ll see.

79105 Baxter Robot Rampage is $31.98 with a part out value of $73.16 or 2.29x limit 5. I really, REALLY want this to drop just a little more. Give me $25, give me $29.99 even! I am spoiled because I got 6 of them at TRU when they were “half off” for $25 each. I need to get up to 15 before I’ll be ready to part them out. I’m considering just buying them because the part out value is still pretty good at this price. Last time I was in my LEGO Store, they only had the Shellraiser and the Lab Escape so I don’t think this set will be around much longer. It’s interesting though, the TMNT sets have been out just over 1 year and there is every indication that they are retiring imminently. They originally put Ninjago on hiatus because of the license for TMNT (mo ninjas, mo problems) and now that Ninjago is back, it seems that TMNT is getting the boot. We know for a fact that Ninjago is here to stay AND that TMNT has a second wave coming out sometime in 2014. I wonder if this wave of Ninjago will end quickly, if these two themes will both be on short cycles, or if they will now co-occupy shelf space. Burning questions for sure.

And then there is an ever-fluctuating list of “Call to check product availability” items which swell the list anywhere from 40 items to 80 items. I don’t bother calling or inquiring by any means. When something hits clearance on Shop@Home, either I am getting it early and often, or I am not getting it at all. Let me know if you do any of these deals and I’ll let you know if I swallow my frugality and buy Baxter Robots or S11 figs. I really shouldn’t complain, that TMNT set is 30% off afterall. Target recently had TMNT sets 20% off (though they were all sold out anyway) so this is still a better deal than that.

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