Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Friday January 10th, 2014

Today I have a rough rundown of what can be expected at Target. It appears that all Targets are dropping their prices at different rates. You might see these prices, you might see higher prices, or you might see lower prices. These are the lowest I have seen or have been reported to me. There are more sets that are on clearance and I will update this list accordingly once I’ve verified more prices in-store. If you are seeing something that I am not, feel free to leave a comment or email me. Thursday is still the day of the markdown and it doesn’t look like any of these prices end in “4” so there are still markdowns to be seen. Last year the clearance took place mainly in February, and I remember a lot of advent calendars being in the mix. I haven’t seen any of them this year yet.

9449 Ultra Sonic Raider $39.98 from $79.99, 50% off, $129.74 part out or 3.25x

79008 Pirate Ship Ambush $84.98 from $99.99, 15% off, $160.59 part out or 1.89x
79007 Battle at the Black Gate $41.98 from $59.99, 30% off, $115.75 part out or 2.76x

Star Wars
9490 Droid Escape $13.98 from $19.99, 30% off, $33.10 part out or 2.37x
9500 Sith Fury-class Interceptor $44.98 from $89.99, 50% off, $113.48 part out or 2.52x
9516 Jabba’s Palace $67.18 from $119.99, 44% off, $170.42 part out or 2.54x
9515 Malevolence $83.98 from $119.99, 30% off, $183.38 part out or 2.18x
9488 Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack $9.08 from $12.99, 30% off, $18.58 part out or 2.05x

Galaxy Squad
70706 Crater Creeper $9.98 from $19.99, 50% off, $34.86 part out or 3.49x
70700 Space Swarmer $8.38 from $11.99, 30% off, $15.26 part out or 1.82x
70702 Warp Stinger $14.98 from $29.99, 50% off, $47.22 part out or 3.15x

60001 Fire Chief Car $6.48 from $11.99, 45% off, $16.04 part out or 2.48x
60010 Fire Helicopter $17.48 from $39.99, 56% off, $41.03 part out or 2.35x

41001 Mia’s Magic Tricks $4.98 from $9.99, 50% off, $18.39 part out or 3.69x

The Lone Ranger
79110 Silver Mine Shootout $34.98 from $69.99, 50% off, $120.40 part out or 3.44x
Most of the other sets are on clearance too but I don’t have the prices.

Hero Factory
44007 OGRUM $9.08 from $12.99, 30% off, $20.40 part out or 2.25x
44000 FURNO XL $9.98 from $19.99, 50% off, $34.39 part out or 3.45x

So if you haven’t been to Target, perhaps you can put together a game plan with this list and make your move next Thursday or even some time this weekend.
I did put together half of an order from Toys R Us online. Their “spend $60, save $15” sale ends on Saturday and it applies to some items you might not expect. Like I already told you, you can get the TRU exclusive Hobbit Barrel Escape for $27.99 each before this discount with free store pickup.
What you can also get with this discount is The Lone Ranger Cavalry Builder Set on sale for $10.99 before discount. There is a limit of 2, but they will ship it to you. Finally, no order is complete without the Lake-town Guard polybag which is $4.99 with a limit of 4. All of these items stack with the $15 off, however 2 Cavalry sets and 4 polybags will not get you neither free shipping nor $15 off. You’ll need to add more to your order. It doesn’t really matter what you add at this point, but you need to get $20 more in your cart. Nothing else jumped out at me, but two of this new Movie set which hasn’t been marked up yet will do the trick. The set has a pending inventory still, but every LEGO Movie set with an approved inventory so far has a part out value of more than double MSRP.

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