Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday January 9th, 2014

Today you’re going back to Target. “But Chris, we’ve gone there like 7 times since Christmas!” That’s enough outta you!

Starting on December 26th, Target put some LEGO on clearance. You know it’s clearance and not just a sale because they used the red stickers. There’s no going back once stickers become involved! Once an item hits clearance, whether it’s in a newly formed clearance aisle or in the regular LEGO aisle, it will drop in price every Thursday. Hey! That’s today! Very good, you’re learning. Now as we saw last Thursday, not every item drops in price, so some of them might be on a 2 week schedule. And as I’ve told you, the prices are changed electronically and re-stickering the sets might not be top priority for their cadre of employees. You’ll have to scan one of every set that you believe has entered the clearance cycle to be sure what the current price is. Personally, I got select Lone Ranger, Ninjago, Star Wars, City, & Galaxy Squad sets on sale at one of my local Targets, but you might find different. I believe the sale applies to most, but not all SW, Ninjago, Galaxy Squad, Lone Ranger, & City sets. Of course, the brand new waves from these themes aren’t on sale.

I also read recently that if the discounted price ends in the number 8, it will be marked down again, but if it ends in the number 4, that’s as low as it will go. I haven’t gotten a chance to field test this, and it sounds more like simple math than some sort of secret Target code. Like the fact that any percentage off of a number that ends in .48 will end in 4. So getting them to split a 0.99 item is the first step. Yeah, it’s not a code, it’s just math. But if it helps you, seeing a set with a price ending in 4 means that the part out value is either good enough compared to what the box says, or it never will be and that set is just garbage. I bought a Ninjago set with an MSRP of 79.99 which had been marked down to 59.98 and then 39.98. It would seem that the next markdown would be the last, but $40 with a part out of $130 was plenty alright for me.

Have your phone ready to look up part out values to compare with the clearance prices in-store. If you don’t have a smart phone, prepare a list of older SW, Ninjago, Lone Ranger, etc. sets and their part out values to keep with you. Next Thursday, I will have a list prepared of sets that are commonly found in this sale, their part out values, and what I’ve been seeing them priced at.

Finally, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Walmart’s clearance lately. I haven’t been able to check it out, but supposedly they’ve brought back out the clearance items which were stowed away to make room for the holiday aisles, and now the prices are lower. This is an extreme YMMV sale. So much so that I am not going to drive all over hoping to find something. I have a LOT of Targets and Walmarts near me, and driving to all of them is an entire day’s work. Sometimes I envy those who have 1 of each of the stores within a reasonable distance. If they don’t have any LEGO at your Walmart, then that’s the end of it. For me, I have too much potential and not enough time. Be on the lookout for the LEGO Movie sets at Walmart for half off. One of my subscribers found that his Walmart is continually stocking the LEGO Movie sets at $10 down from $20, $15 down from $30, etc. I have not heard of anyone else finding this to be true, but if you are already at or going to a Walmart, give a few of them a scan and cross your fingers. It will be a long, LONG time before we see a retail store intending to sell them for 50% off.

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