Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Wednesday January 8th, 2014

It’s a light day today. So much so that there is a CITY set on sale! I have to admit though, it’s pretty good for a city set.

60007 High Speed Chase
not only contains a pun as the main character in this 3-fig set is named Chase, but also parts out for $51.91 which is 2.16x the $23.99 sale price down from $29.99 msrp.

More than double on a slightly discounted City set? Maybe this one is actually worth it!
They allow up to 5 copies of the set to be ordered and you’ll get free shipping if you buy 3 or more of them. The good news is that Kmart looks to have removed their expired clearance items from the website. There were a bunch of long since sold out sets on there which continued to get marked down even after they sold out. Now there are only 3 sets on their discount page…2 of which are sold out. So this one might very well sell out soon too. If your store needs really cheap minifigures, wheels, & bland colors, this is the set for you! Well, there has to be something good about this set that lies beneath the City branding because the part out is pretty nice.

Alright, and here’s the second deal of the day. Toys R Us has had all three Minecraft sets in stock for a while bouncing between in-store only and available online. The problem was that The Nether was always $48.99 up from $34.99 which the other two remained at. Odd. Anyway, that has been rectified and The Nether is now back at $34.99. Convenient since if you spend $60, you get $15 off. So for $27.49 each plus tax in orders of 2, you can get some Minecraft goodness in your store at below MSRP.

21105 The Village
Parts out for $80.15 or 2.92x.

21106 The Nether
Parts out for $78.78 or 2.87x.

And don’t forget to get your daily allowance of Lake-town Guards!

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