Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday January 6th, 2014

I discovered a few things yesterday that I decided I would make into today’s post. First, that TRU deal that I hinted at is actually better than I thought. I looked deeper into it and found some good deals. If you are still in need of a 79004 Hobbit Barrel Escape
they are $27.99 on the website still but only available for store pickup. Fine, I can deal with that. It’s a TRU exclusive so seeing it for 30% off is a no-brainer. The part out is $76.21 or 2.72x. I now have 8 of them to part out because I bought 2 online and then the Lone Ranger Cavalry Builder set for $10.99 and got the $15 off of my purchase of over $60. removing the Lone Ranger set at its sale price, that made the two Hobbit sets $20.49 each. Not too bad! So while I was in store waiting for the employee to do my shopping for me, I checked out the LEGO section. They had a limited supply of the Movie sets which still are not marked up. The rules online stated no Movie, Mindstorms, or Hard-to-Find items for that $15 off sale. But the signage all over the LEGO section didn’t mention any restrictions. So I grabbed a Lord Business Lair (one of only 2 Movie sets I have yet to purchase) and took it to the scanner. The grin on my face was even wilder than the Scribble Face Bad Cop’s when the scanner said $54.99 down from $69.99. No markup and 21.5% off! I bought myself one of those for sure.

When I got home, I saw that Amazon matched that price, though I doubt it had anything to do with this particular way of using the TRU sale.
$54.99 plus free shipping and you can order up to 27 of them!!
There is no part out value yet, but this will be the only price markdown we’ll see for weeks if not a month. There’s no reason to put these sets on sale before the movie comes out and if you are looking to play the odds, I say get a bunch of these sets and have them prepared for part out. I’d really like to, but I don’t have the money for this one and, well, there’s the heap I have to deal with already.

I also found in one of my local Walmarts that the Superman Vs. Power Armor Lex Luthor set is on sale from $19.99 to $15. Nothing is labeled and I don’t think that was advertised, but I started scanning everything and this is what I found. I bought the only one they had and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I parted out a lot of them in the past and it’s nearly retired so maybe I’ll just put it at the end of the list and see what happens to it by the time I have to make a decision.

So in summation, get more Barrel Escapes using the $15 discount and the store pickup, and while you are there, buy the MSRP movie sets in $60 portions and get your discount on those too. 2 of the numerous amount of $29.99 sets plus a polybag or minifig and you’ll get your 25% off.

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