Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Saturday January 4th, 2014

I’ve got a minor deal for you today. It’s nothing too exciting, but sometimes you have to just stay home and part out all of those other sets you’ve been buying.
I’m not sure if this will be available for much longer. At press time it says there are only 12 copies remaining.
I have a bad feeling that they will be all gone before this email even sends. The part out value is over $19 and this is the lowest that this set has gone on Amazon. It’s also the only Chima set to feature a member of the Skunk tribe in minifigure form. If there are any Speedorz to part out, they are the ones with rarer minifigs in them. The metal wheel/fairing/rip chord pieces take up a big chunk of the part out value yet they are not hot items.

I just checked again and now there are only 11 left. So I’ll tell you about a set that I am desperately trying to find with no luck. 41027 Mia’s Lemonade Stand
is a fantastic set. It’s one of only 2 sets so far to feature the new scooter assembly. Third party companies have been producing Vespa-like scooters for years, but this is the first time LEGO has made their own. And let me tell you, AFOLs will be quick to abandon the knockoffs when the real thing exists, even at their inflated price. The scooter exists in two colors in two sets so far. Red in the $160 Parisian Restaurant (which has no possible discounts), and Light Aqua in this $10 Friends set. Both scooters are selling for around $6 each oddly enough. This set is evading me as best as it can. I keep trying to find it, but no stores have it in stock, not even my LEGO Store. Sure, this set will be all too common in a month, and it may even go on clearance in a year or so, but I’d really like to part it out in high quantity and so should you. The part out value is almost $29 and I’m willing to buy any I see at retail price. It is not exclusive to any particular store, and should be perfectly easy to purchase at Target or Walmart but their inventory still hasn’t recovered since the Xmas rush. What gives? The street date, if you even follow those rules, was January 1st. So where are my scooters!

Anyway, I have a LUG (LEGO User Group) meeting today for one of the LUGs I belong to. If you aren’t already part of a LUG, either geographic or non-geographic, I suggest you find and join one. They generally consist of builders and collectors. That puts you, a seller, in an advantageous position. I make lots of off-the-books sales to my fellow LUG members. I keep them building and they keep my store rolling. Develop a good relationship with them and you just might learn a thing or two.

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