Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Friday January 3rd, 2014

Did you go to Target yet? Boy, I got so many nice things yesterday! YMMV, but I got Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raiders for $40, Star Wars Sith Fury Class Interceptors for $45, Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootouts for a jaw-dropping $35, and some smaller sets for half off too. Things I passed up on were Star Wars The Malevolence for $83 and Star Wars Geonosian Cannon for $13. Too big and too small. I’ve parted them both out, but I was concentrating on the sets I had strong opinions about. Plus, the way Target clearance works, if they are still in stock next Thursday, I’ll consider picking them up at their new lowered price then. I had to get the deals which I simply “couldn’t pass up.”

But if your Target is wiped clean (sorry if you live near me, HA!), there is an item on their website which has a great part out value and is on sale. Heartlake High 41005 is $6 off bringing it down from $49.99 to $43.99. Normally that wouldn’t even warrant my attention, but have you seen the part out? $121.14. That’s 2.75x without even trying! I’ll explain. It’s full of Bright Light Yellow, a color that has been long since retired. They brought it back and built a whole high school out of it. That’s just the beginning though. It’s a Friends set so you can expect some wild colors, but those Dark Blue slopes that make up the roof are great too! I parted one out in the past, but forgot to make a video for it. I would have linked it here. I’ll tell you it’s one of only 3 sets to feature the solid door (no window) in white. They are normally in trans colors. That matters to some people. It’s just a great set to part out.

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