Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday January 2nd, 2014

Ah, it seems we are returning to regular deals after the post-Christmas lull. I was getting worried there after posting about books you should buy. HA! You’ve got 3, count ’em THREE options today. Let’s see who does all 3!

Option 1 is not a guaranteed sale, but rather something I hope happens based on experience. I won’t be able to verify this one until after you’ve all gotten this email, so feel free to check it out for yourself and don’t come after me with and if it’s not true. Anyway, did you like that joke? Target does their clearance markdowns on Thursdays. If they have items with clearance tags on them, they will get reduced by a certain percentage every Thursday until they are gone. You’ll be seeing a TON of this in Jan and Feb. When we were all out getting polybags on December 26th, there were sets with clearance tags on them. Generally it was 15%-20% which wasn’t enough for me to throw money at it. But if any of those sets have survived, they will be even cheaper today. Well, I hope so. Please let me know if you’ve found anything great. This might be the time when some of you take the sets you want and hide them somewhere in the store until the price is right. They had a ton of stuff on clearance last week. I really hope the markdowns begin today. Well, further markdowns.

Option 2 is a couple of Amazon deals. Actually, they went too quickly even for me to provide you with links. Two Star Wars sets hit their record low on Amazon and sold out. Oh well, they weren’t too great anyway. Instead of them, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Here is a great resource to check what’s on sale on Amazon and how low it has gone in the past:

Option 3 better be good after those last two. Don’t worry, it is. I might even do this one! 70011 Eagles’ Castle is $27.99 at TRU right now. It is a TRU exclusive so you should get it any time it is on sale for more than 20%. MSRP is $39.99 and it is retired from Shop@Home and LEGO Stores. That means TRU can feel free to jack the prices up at this point. But no, they have it on sale for $27.99 on their site, but that’s not the best part. It is currently BOGO 40% off Chima and other themes. I didn’t mention this before because, well, it’s not a good deal. Until now. This brings the per-set price to $22.39. Now TRU had this set for $19.99 for a bit and LEGO was selling it for $19.98 until it sold out, so this is the best you will get from this point forward. Guaranteed. If you want to hold this one for speculation, this is your last and perhaps best chance to get it. The limit is 2 unfortunately, but that won’t stop you from ordering multiple times. Oh, by the way, the part out value if you are interested is $53.33 or 2.38x. I have 2 from the LEGO Store and I’m getting at least 2 more from this deal. This is the kind of set where I’ll put it in my queue to part out, but maybe by the time I get to it, it will be worth more sealed and I won’t have to do any work, just sell it sealed.

The only issue is you need to hit $50 to get free shipping. Fret not, because guess who is still available for ship-to-home with a max quantity of 4?!
30216 Lake-Town Guard polybag is still in stock online. If you are like me, then you have only seen it in the wild once or twice and have had more success just buying it from their website than in-store. So add 2 or more of these bags and you’ll get free shipping and absolutely no items you regret. Pretty good deals, huh?

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