Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Wednesday January 1st, 2014

Welcome to the new year! Subscribers, thank you very much for your commitment to this blog. You will continue to get daily posts emailed to you. However, this post and posts from every day forward will publish to as they always have, only one week delayed. This allows for the potential of new subscribers but still gives you the exclusivity you are paying for.

Anyway, I want to tell you today about a 1 DAY DEAL! That means you much go out today and get this or it won’t be of any use to you. Toys R Us is starting off 2014 strong with another sale on the Hobbit Barrel Escape:
We saw it for $25.50 before and I got my maximum of 4 copies. Then we saw it for $29 or so shortly after that. Well it’s back again for $27 IN STORE ONLY. Curiously enough, the online price is $27.99 but is not available for ship-to home. So with that being said, I am not even going to provide a link to their website. If you are in need of more copies, which I certainly am, consider going to your nearest TRU and getting some. The only problem is that there is a limit of 2 per customer. So either you can buy 2, put them in your car, and then go buy 2 more, or you can go to multiple TRU locations picking up 2 at each stop. I have 4 of them right now from the last sale, and I plan on getting perhaps 4 more tomorrow. I’d like more, but with this quantity restriction, I’ll be putting forth too much effort to get a bunch. Also note that this set is a TRU exclusive and we don’t see the LEGO Store or Shop@Home discounting their sets by 32.5% too often. It’s possible, but my rule is, when you see a store exclusive go beyond 20% off, you should get it. Of course that only matters if the part out value is high enough. In this case, the value is $76.45 or 2.83x your cost before tax. Speaking of tax, I plan on going to my closest Target to minimize time wasted shopping so I’ll b e paying 8% inside Philly.

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