Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday December 29th, 2013

Today it was brought to my attention that the LEGO Movie onslaught of media is far wider than we could ever have imagined. There are a number of books coming out much like they did for Ninjago, Chima, & Friends. This first one comes with a robo swat minifigure. It’s nothing exclusive, and it will probably only get you half of your money back, but if you are interested in the book like I am, you’ll want to pick one up for the cheap price of $8.09 from Barnes & Noble online.
I’m not sure if these prices are unusually low but I am willing to bet they are. These kinds of books usually go for more like $15-$20 each. You’ll need to spend $25 to get free shipping, and while most of the LEGO sets on their site are at MSRP, none of them are below MSRP. So I checked out some more books.
This one appears to be the heavy duty book for the Movie. It’s the Essential Guide and will probably contain images of all the sets present and to come. It does not contain a minifigure, but is still a good deal at $9.35 for what they are calling a “hardcover” thought it is probably paperback.
This last one is the sticker book which I have been buying to cut up and include free stickers in all of my orders. I’ll end up getting this one later on when my other books run out. These three books together will put you at around $28 with tax. I’m not sure if these prices are online-only but they seem to me like they are. I’ll check my local BN today when I am at the mall getting some new LEGO Movie sets which officially release today, but I may end up just getting the books online when I get home.

If you have any coupons left that are expiring at the end of the year, especially the $10 giftcard from Brick Friday weekend, I recommend you use them on LEGO Movie sets as I’ll be doing video analyses of all of them. And if you want the best deal, get the Firetruck set from the LEGO Store with a coupon because that is a TRU exclusive so a discount on it will be hard to come by. Also note that the Creative Ambush set is the Target exclusive and the Plumber Truck is the Walmart exclusive. I’ve got good feelings about the resale value of all these robo police officers in the Movie sets, especially the one with the Splinter Cell-esque goggles from the Super Cycle Chase.

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