Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Saturday December 28th, 2013

I’m afraid I have no tricks up my sleeve today. There is a definite lull between Christmas and New Years. Nobody is out shopping and the stores don’t expect them to be. Shelves are being restocked and old items are making their way to the newly forming clearance aisles. Today my only advice is to poke around Target and see what items might be still in stock and on clearance. When I was cleaning the polybags out of 15 Targets on Thursday, I saw a lot of clearance stickers on sets. Prices and availability changed from store to store, but there were definitely deals to be had. It would have been a great opportunity for me to pick up a LOT of clearance had I done my research and been prepared to buy particular sets across that many store. But I’ll let the FBA sellers knock each other over cleaning out the 20% off licensed sets at Target. I know from experience that the next two months are going to be great for Target clearance and Thursdays (keep that in mind) will have a common theme. If you’re not yet a subscriber to this blog, I highly recommend you scroll to the bottom and click that PayPal link so you can continue getting more tips throughout January and beyond.

The Target weekly ad (25th-28th) shows one LEGO set on sale, and that is 60010 Fire Helicopter for 50% off. MSRP is $29.99 so that would be about $15 before the RedCard discount. The part out value is $40.35 so that’s 2.83x before applicable taxes. I am not telling you to throw your money at this one, it is a city set afterall. It also isn’t discounted online. While you are walking around Target, take note if this set is still in stock. It might be the only thing left on sale to purchase. I’m not sure if the 20% off Super Heroes, Chima, & TMNT sale still applies at the signs were all still up on the 26th, yet the website doesn’t mention it now. TRU has a BOGO 40% off sale on similar themes which is online and in-store, just beware the markup.

Having the red clearance tags, the sets I’ve seen at Target won’t go back to full price. Their days on-shelf are numbered and I hope to pick them all up on their final day. LOTR, SW, City, Monster Fighters, and more were all bearing the “red badge of clearance” and there were some pretty nice sets there. The prices started with a maximum of 20% off, but will definitely drop lower if they don’t sell first. I will most definitely keep you updated on price drops as I will be there too, buying the good ones.

If you can’t make it to a Target or just like shopping online, there is another chance to get 79014 Dol Guldur Battle at a discount. $59 on Amazon, $59.99 from Target. Free shipping on both on a minimum of 1 copy. Amazon limits you to 5 but is cheaper and with no tax. You’ll end up paying a couple dollars more with Target, but you can get up to 8 copies of the set shipped to you. Part out value is finally established at $129.14 which is 2.1x-2.2x. Not great for a brand new set, but still decent if you are in need of a set to part out.

Today’s deal is more of a warm-up for the next few weeks. Check your Target out, see what they are stocking and see what they are relocating. Big changes are coming and you want to be able to mobilize quickly to get the correct sets the instant they hit the right price.

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