Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday December 26th, 2013

Sorry for a lack of a post yesterday. I was spending Christmas with my family. Happy holidays to all of you readers out there. Trust me, I looked for deals out there but there weren’t any to be found. Plus, most of the stores were closed anyway.

Today is a no-brainer. I’ll be out there in force getting as much as I can and I suggest you do too. Target, as you may know, has polybags in their seasonal section for most holidays throughout the year. Today is the day after Christmas and the first day of their Christmas section wind-down. After most of the items sell, they will begin to set up for the next holiday, which will be Valentine’s day. So the whole section will be 50% off. If you wait until tomorrow, it will be 70% off, but there’s no guarantee any will be left. You can expect the 30270 TMNT Kraang Laser Turret, 30106 Friends Ice Cream Stand, & 40034 Christmas Train to be around $1.99 each. For that price, you can’t go wrong. So go to one, go to ten Target stores today and clean out the holiday section of all its polybags.

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