Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Tuesday December 24th, 2013

Searching for deals, I came across Target’s website which has most Super Heroes sets for 20%-40% off. I believe this is part of their 20% off Chima, Super Heroes, & TMNT, but most Chima and TMNT sets are not available online. And let’s face it, you’re not going out there today looking for stocked shelves. So stay inside and order online. Who knows when your package arrives, but that doesn’t really matter because a deal’s worth it.

We’re gonna disregard the Chima and TMNT sets because they generally are unavailable for ship-to-home. The Super Hero sets aren’t all in stock but there are still some good ones. I’m going to list a bunch with all of their stats, but feel free to pick and choose. We’ve all gotten our shares of some of these in the past, perhaps for lower prices, but it will all combine with free shipping and the 5% off with the RedCard if you have it. The following prices are base prices and do not include RedCard discount or tax (but those generally cancel each other out anyway).

76004 Spider-Cycle Chase $16 down from $20, parts out for $41.14 (2.57x), limit 8
76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze $15.20 down from $20, parts out for $39.31 (2.59x). limit 8
6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City $27.20 down from $35, parts out for $58.51 (2.15x), limit 8
76001 The Bat vs. Bane $32 down from $40, parts out for $62.80 (1.96x), limit 8
76002 Metropolis Showdown $8 down from $13, parts out for $22.34 (2.79x), limit 8
76009 Black Zero Escape $12 down from $20, parts out for $35.71 (2.98x), limit 8
76003 Battle of Smallville $40 down from $50, parts out for $85.05 (2.13x), limit 8

So stock up on Super Heroes for the new year. Obviously Black Zero Escape is the winner here, but you can easily get a wide variety of characters from this sale. Omitted were the Iron Man 3 sets as they have all been on sale elsewhere recently, a couple of which were mentioned in this blog. They are also part of this same sale if you are interested.

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