Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday December 23rd, 2013

I always end up finding out about more deals as the day goes on. Yesterday Target matched TRU’s 20% off various themes, and they were even giving away an extra 10% off everything because of the credit fraud issue. I was in a Target yesterday and there may have been 15 whole sets in the aisle. I was intrigued by the 20% off TMNT not to mention the extra 10% off and 5% off with the RedCard bringing it to about 32% off TMNT as well as other themes. But I couldn’t find a single TMNT set in the store. Except of course for the Turtle bags in the holiday section. Oh but wait, those are no longer $2.99 each. They are back to $3.99. They would have been $2.73 if everything stacked, but I got as many as I wanted. Let’s hope there are some left on the 26th/27th.

I wouldn’t recommend doing any in-store purchasing this week as stocks will be at an all time low and getting the set that’s on sale will be pretty hard to do. Amazon, however, knows no limits. Well, expect when they say you can only buy 3 of a set. This one isn’t like that though. In fact, you could buy 30 of them if you wanted!! Please don’t buy 30 of them. That’s crazy.
70709 Galactic Titan
is $69.99 down from $99.99 which is 30% off. The part out value is $210.21 or 3x your cost. We don’t often see 3x and above AND practically unlimited quantities. I say go for this one. Get whatever number works for you and your store. I would get 15 if I had a spare $1,050 plus tax to spend. Not to mention the amount of sets I already have purchased which are in queue to be parted out. But if you don’t have anything on the docket and you would like to take a swing at a large set with a part out value that would still be good at full price, then be my guest.

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