Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday December 22nd, 2013

Like I said yesterday, when you get this close to Christmas, there aren’t many deals to be had. This is the major season for the toy department so they don’t really need to have sales. They only do because they are still competing with other toy departments in other stores. Toys R Us has followed up its week of 25% off if you spend exactly $100 with a blanket 20% off Chima, Friends, SW, Super Heroes, & Technic. Now that’s not TOO shabby, but it is still pretty shabby. Shabby is bad, right? Those themes are the more popular/expensive ones so it’s nice to see a discount on them, but I’m sure most of their prices have increased prior to being 20% off. I don’t believe there is a deal to be had at TRU today, let alone any day until at least Thursday. They also don’t have very much available for ship-to-home as their warehouses have been depleted. What you see on the shelves is what you get.

That’s not the deal today, but if you want to get some Technic at 20% off TRU prices, be my guest. Today’s deal is from Target and can be purchased online with free shipping.
76006 Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle:
is currently $14.39 at the online price which is down from $19.99 msrp. That’s 28% off. The part out value is $36.89 and with your RedCard discount, that’s a ratio of 2.7x. We’ve certainly seen worse. Now, that set has definitely been cheaper in the past from other sellers, but this is still a good opportunity. The online limit is 8 copies and of course, they ship for free. Unlike Amazon, Target isn’t going to stop you from placing 2 or 3 or 10 orders all day long tomorrow for these same items.

I also wanted to talk about the War Machine minifigure in this set. It’s the only War Machine we’ve gotten so far, and this set is nearly 1 year old. The way the Marvel movies have been going, I don’t see any more War Machine minifigures being put into sets for at least a few years. Once this one is off of the shelves, War Machine will be solely in the aftermarket. This might be a good opportunity to stock up on a minifigure that won’t be around much longer.

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