Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Saturday December 21st, 2013

Thanks again for checking out my blog. Today’s deal is actually an interesting one. There is one set on sale on Amazon for nearly the lowest it has ever sold for.

70502 Cole’s Earth Driller
is $13.19 down from $19.99 which is a 34% discount off of MSRP. The part out value is $31.33 so that’s 2.38x.
The limit unfortunately is 3 and you’ll need to order 3 to get free shipping. I suspect there will be a LOT for me to write about in January and February. The stores are holding their prices at the moment because they know the last-minute shoppers aren’t waiting around for any more deals.

The other thing you should take note of is that TRU (online and I assume in-store) has a bunch of sets “reduced” back down to MSRP. Normally that wouldn’t matter, but today is the last day of the “Spend $100, Save $25 deal. So that’s 25% off MSRP if you stop just over $100 on MSRP-priced sets. Not too shabby. I glanced through the pages and it looks like some BUT NOT ALL TMNT, new Hobbit, Super Heroes, and Monster Fighters sets are listed at the original MSRP. It appears that MOST sets are no longer available for ship-to-home. I’m guessing it is because their warehouses are pretty depleted and it’s too late to ship for Christmas anyway. That is why I assume the prices are good in-store. They don’t say “online only,” and you could always try price-matching a set to their own website. How could they refuse a price match to themselves when the item isn’t technically available online anyway? So I would go after the new Hobbit sets at 25% off as that is a pretty good discount out of the gate. The TMNT sets struck my fancy as well, but the more I think about it, they are getting old enough where we might just see them on a mega clearance sale in February. Since this sale is alright and not great, I would concentrate on the new items that most definitely won’t be on clearance within 2 months. 2 Lake Town Chases or 5 Dragon Bikes plus a polybag (hopefully the Lake Town Guard one) will get you right to $100. You can also spend in increments of $100 several times if you are feeling frisky.

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