Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Friday December 20th, 2013

Today’s another mix-n-match kind of day. Kmart has a pretty good sale right now on 1 whole set. It’s nothing new and it has been cheaper before, but this is the only place you can get it on sale at the moment.

70003 Eris’ Eagle Interceptor is on sale for $28.43 from Kmart (Online Only).
It was $26.98 from Shop@Home last month but maybe you didn’t get it. If you use your Sears Credit Card (as if anyone has one of those…) you get 5% back in points, whatever that means. The part out value is $60.26 so that’s 2.12x your cost. The limit is 5 and it only takes 3 to ship them for free.

But on to bigger and more clone-inclusive things. 75004 Z-95 Headhunter is on sale on Amazon for $31.35.
The limit is only 3 and you’ll need to get 2 for free shipping. BrickSet shows that it has been on sale for $26.65 on Amazon at the lowest. I bought a bunch of these at $35 each at Walmart in August. Don’t go rushing to Amazon yet though.

Our good friend, nay, BEST friend Target has price matched them at $31.35 and that is BEFORE the 5% RedCard discount. That is if your account wasn’t hacked. Mine appears to be fine and they can have it. I run a constant total of about $50 available credit on that thing. Go ahead and try to buy something, I dare you! Haha. Jokes.
Their limit is 8 copies!! WOOHOO!! I mean, those clones are really slick looking. That 4-armed dude is whatever. I think the last time I checked, he sells for $11 or $13 or something. The total part out value is $70.60 so that’s 2.37x your cost with the FraudCard…er…RedCard….er…RedHandedCard. More Jokes.

Aside from those two sets, I recommend you scour your TRU locations for The LEGO Movie Minifigures aka Series 12. They aren’t supposed to hit until the 29th so they aren’t marked up yet. AND the Spend $100, Save $25 deal which seems like it has been going on for ages still applied. I got 58 of them yesterday for about $2.72 each and sold 44 in the first 12 hours. I recommend $4 each for the 4-per and 6-per case figs and $5 each for the 2-per case figs. You can always raise the prices if you’d like but I wouldn’t recommend lowering them. Now CMFs are a bubble, you either sell them first, or you slash your prices. I was fortunate enough to be the fist person on BrickLink listing them as ID’d packs. There are no unique entries yet, but there is a generic entry. I just listed 16 generic entries with the ID in the description. Couple that with a BrickLink forum post and a Social Media blast and look at all of those sales. The figs have been paid for and then some!

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