Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Tuesday December 17th, 2013

I’ve got a couple of options for you today that hail from the good ol’ Toys R Us. Their “spend $100, save $25” sale continues but does not count for these items. Tomorrow’s deal won’t count for that discount either. Spoiler alert!!

79004 The Hobbit Barrel Escape:
is currently $25.50 down from $39.99. That’s 36% off on a TRU exclusive set. It’s pretty much a good bet whenever you see a TRU exclusive fall below 10% off MSRP because the LEGO store is giving out fewer and fewer discounts these days. The part out is $77.20 so that’s 3.03x the price you paid. The limit is 4 per customer and you can either have them shipped to your home or request a store pickup. I opted for the store pickup this time just to see how that process goes. I was also able to avoid the higher Philadelphia sales tax by picking up the sets from a store outside of Philadelphia. I guess it doesn’t matter that my billing address on the TRU credit card is in Philly.

After I get my 4 sets tonight, I might order another 4 to be shipped to me. It is obviously free shipping coming in at $102 before tax.

*The couple who live upstairs from me are fighting pretty loud right now. It’s good entertainment, and it certainly beats the alternative.*

The other portion of this deal involves the LEGO Exclusives which TRU somehow carries. This page will explain which ones I mean:
Most of them are not available for ship-to-home, and I really doubt any of them are actually found in-store, but the Town Hall and Super Star Destroyer are both at MSRP. Can’t really argue with that. The incentive is that you get 76003 Battle of Smallville FREE with the purchase of any of these big sets. That’s a $50 set! It says you can only redeem for the free set once, but I doubt you are trying to get the full 4 SSD’s anyway. 10224 Town Hall isn’t a bad move. Get one of them for $199.99 and a free 76003 and your combined part out value would be $517.69 or 2.59x your cost. Something to think about. And if you do this on Wednesday or Saturday (assuming the sale still applies), you get double mystery super-fictional points on your magic TRU credit card of wonder!!!

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