Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday December 16th, 2013

I’ve got a couple of good deals for you today, but I’ll be upfront about these two. They aren’t huge moneymakers. They are however good additions to your BrickLink store.

Target has Star Wars 75019 AT-TE on sale again for $57.95 ($55.05 with RedCard):
I believe I skipped over this one last time they had it in stock because there were better deals. The part out is $143.84 so that’s a respectable 2.61x in store inventory. The problem is that the minifigs aren’t necessarily quick sellers in this one. The other issue is that it is unavailable for shipment. You have to do a store pickup. I tried to search my local stores for the quantity of 9 and only one came up about an hour or so away. Then I tried a quantity of 5 and a couple more sprung up. You’d have to do some serious legwork in order to get these in any sort of higher quantity. But maybe your nearest Target has them in stock and you can get a bunch. This price is the online price so you’d have to order it online before going to the store. Of course, you could always go to a store, count the sets on the shelf, and then order that many while guarding them against other customers. The employee will remove them from your shelf and you can pick them up. I wish that process was more streamlined. Oh wait, it is, it’s called just buying them in the store. Damn online-only prices…

The second deal I’ve spotted is more for the hobbyist seller than the full time seller. This one might make you a few dollars, but I feel it is worth your while and it can definitely increase your store traffic.

Walmart has reduced the price of the Marvel Super Heroes video games:
The Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii-U versions are all $39.96 down from the original $49.96. Curiously enough, all 3 of these versions list that they come with 30168 Gun Mounting System aka Iron Patriot. I was under the impression that only the Xbox 360 version included it. Either way, the cheapest sealed polybag in the US is currently $31. The maximum quantity of each of these games is 5. That means for $599.40, you can get 15 polybags. With 15 of them, you can definitely get $35 each. I’m sure they would sell very quickly to Asia. That puts you at $525 in recouped funds. After that, you’d only need to sell the games for $5 each to break even. Surely you can get at least $20 per game for just the disc and case as you would buy it in any game store. You might even be able to trade them in at said game store for about that price. That would be the quickest way to get a return on them as opposed to listing them on Amazon or

So that deal is for someone who potentially wants to keep an Iron Patriot or a copy of the game for themselves. If I got 15 copies, I would probably keep one game for myself either on the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Then I’d only have to sell the games for $6 each to break even. Is breaking even so bad when you got the traffic in your store from having 15 Iron Patriots? This is one to definitely consider.

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